Mar. 30, 2017

Meeting My Practioner

Tuesday May 26, 2015

I made the appointment to meet Michelle Jensen at 5pm on Tuesday to discuss going on the Shape ReClaimed Program. She explained that it wasn't just another diet, it was a way of eating for the rest of my life, and to take the book home and read it cover to cover before deciding if it was a program i wanted to be on.

About 2 weeks before meeting Michelle, I had asked to join the Shape ReClaimed Facebook page and read about the amazing results that people were having on this program. One lady, 8 months prior had been in a hospital bed, diabetic, bad inflammation in her knees, and having heart problems. 8 months later on the program she has lost 100 pounds, not diabetic anymore, and her knees & heart are doing very well.

I took the book home, read it cover to cover, learned what I would be giving up, what i would be eating, and what to expect in the weeks and months to come.

Under the Fast Trac Program that I would be on, it is for people that need to lose more that 40 lbs, i would be eating:

Two Fruits a day:

1/2 c. Blueberries

1/2 c Raspberries

1/2 c blackberries

8 medium strawberries



1/2 Grape Fruit

4 Cups of Vegetables: boiled, broiled, grilled, raw, roasted, or steamed:

Lots of choices but no starchy ones like Potatoes, Yams, Peas, and Carrots (which I ate bags of at a time) and many different ones not listed.

8oz of Protien a day: Remove Fat First, Bake, Boil, Broil, or Grill

Grass Fed Beef


Chicken Breast

Low Fat Cottage Cheese

Crab - not Imitation

Eggs - 1 egg = 2oz protien

Fish - white/not farm raised/wild is best

Greek/Plain yogurt/Kefir - Low Fat (Fages Greek Yogurt is best)



Shrimp - USA is best


Turkey Breast


Venison - all game animals

8 Crackers a day - Blue Diamond Nut Thins Variety is the best (except for Cheese or Ranch Flavored)

I am to drink between 80 - 100 oz of water a day

I take .50 ml of the Shape drops 3 times a day

I am to write down everything i eat and follow the Fruits/Protien/Vegetables way of life.

The book went on to tell me that I would be giving up things i loved to eat, pizza, bread, potatoes, carrots, watermelon, chinese foods, eating out for the most part, flour, sugar, pop, caffenated coffee, ice cream, cake, pie, everything that wasn't good for me but i always ate.

When I got done reading the book, and knew I wanted to start the program right away, we met with Michelle on Wednesday and told her my decision. She told me it would be $600. and that would include a blood test/urine test. The Blood Test is very thourough, like doing a Cancer Screening that costs in upwards of $1000.00's of dollars. Plus I would be taking .50 ml of the shape drops 3 times a day. The drops can only be gotten through a practitioner not over the counter.

I am ready to get this started I told her, no looking back!! I need to lose at least 100lbs and on Thursday we get started.

Bill Doering 

May you trust God that you are exactly, 
where you are meant to be!!!