Mar. 30, 2017

One Year Mark

May. 22, 2016

Next Sunday I will have been on Shape for 1 year, I was asked the other day "Why did you stay with this program, where you had failed before?"

I have thought about it and i think the biggest thing for me was accountability. I had did Nutri-System, you bought their food, and only ate their food, when you stopped eating their meals, the weight came back plus more. I did Weight Watchers twice, the first time i quit because i was embarrassed in front of the class, "oh you gained weight this week!" I didn't need that, then i went back but never stayed with it.

I did a program at the clinic here in town, but a calorie was a calorie, if i needed 200 calories at the end of a night, have a candy bar, at least you got your calories in for the day.

Shape has been different, Shape taught me how to eat with good healthy foods, fruits, vegetables, protein, and nut thins. Plus I had decided I was done yo-yo dieting, if i was going to do this I was going to be in it for the long haul, no matter how hard it was. Accountability is where this comes in, seeing my practitioner each week and talking to his wife (Michelle) my counselor, I could tell they actually cared about me and i wasn't just a number to them or a paycheck. We talked each week, about how my week had gone, and more about life in general than just Shape. I want to have that scale move each week when i saw them, i wanted victories not set-backs.

It is MY Journey, i did it mostly for me, I know my parents and my wife Cathy Doering had seen me go on diets, lose 60 pounds and then gain it all back. But not this time, I had chose 220 as a goal to shoot for, I thought losing 145 pounds was a nice round number to aim for, so i set small goals each week. I wanted to be 350 by my card party in july, I was actually down 50 by then.

I just lived the program, and the results came, i think the biggest changing point for me was in October when I traveled to St. Louis for the first time and met the other 22 Shape Warriors for supper, and Dr. Todd & Linda Frisch showed up. Never in my life did i ever expect to meet the founder of this amazing program, and then to be invited to their home to talk about the program. It all became so real that night, and we all became family, more than just friends.

So, i don't ever expect to gain the weight back like i used to, i enjoyed shocking my heart doctor in January when i had lost 130 pounds, now i am down another 30. All i can say to those that don't think it can work for them, look at me, i was skeptical that it would work, but having my wife buy into the premise of the program and cook for both of us, we both lost weight.

Do it for YOURSELF, no one else, my story has been an open book, I share it here, I share it on my page, I share it in email, and i live it everyday. I am on maintenance now, and my weight goes up and down a few pounds, but when it goes up, i go back to eating the phase 1 foods and it goes back down again. The program is awesome!!

Sorry this is so long, but maybe writing it will help someone that is having a hard time, know that they can do it, it will be hard, but keep focused on the big picture, a healthy life, my pacemaker may not have to be replaced for 12 years now instead of 5 like the last time. Warrior For Life, this Journey Continues!!