Mar. 30, 2017

Official One Year Anniversary of Weight Loss

May. 29, 2016

Today, is my 1yr Shape Anniversary, I won't say it hasn't been rough, in the beginning it was letting go of everything that you had used as comfort food. I loved baby carrots, I went to McDonald's everyday for breakfast, I drive by it now and could careless if I ever ate there again.

When we would go out to eat before shape, everything was fried, crispy, and you knew it was fattening, but you ate it anyway, then come home and tell yourself how miserable you felt, that you would lose weight tomorrow. I had many tomorrow's in my life. I would exercise tomorrow, I start my diet tomorrow, I would eat better tomorrow.

Then I saw my sister in law Pat Camden at a family dinner, and she looked amazing, she was on this program called Shape Reclaimed and had lost 80 pounds or close to it. I badgered her with questions, what can you eat, what can't you eat, etc. She told me all about it, and told me that she goes through Jensen Chiropractic in Sterling. She also told me about this shape page on Facebook, and she added me to the site so I could read up more about it. I followed this page for 2 weeks before deciding it was something I wanted to do.

I called Jensen's made the appointment, and took Cathy with me. We talked for quite awhile, explained everything, and of course the cost. But I decided I was going to do it, and would start on May 29, 2015 I set a goal of losing 145 pounds, I thought to weigh 220, would be a nice round number, after starting at 365.3.

We went to the botanical gardens in Rock Island or Moline, IL to take pictures and walk around. Back a year ago walking was no easy thing for me, I had so much inflammation in my knees that I couldn't bend my left knee without help, couldn't kneel at church, etc. We went to dinner, I had fajitas with floured shells, cheese, and all the fixings (last time).
I told myself from the beginning this was the last time I would ever eat like this again. I was going to live this program, I was not going to cheat, not even a nibble. (People still ask me, did you really not ever cheat on the program?) Not for at least 9 months!! It was a healthy cheat then of some peanuts, because I was out and hungry and didn't want to eat badly.
Seeing my practitioner weekly, and weighing everyday, kept me accountable. I was skeptical in the beginning like I am sure everyone is, I had yo-yo dieted all my life, lose 60, gain 70, repeat.

But when the weight started coming off, like 32 pounds the first month, and I was eating healthy, loving the good food I was eating and not missing the fatty crappy food I had given up. I was in love with this program!!

I had lost 50 pound by my euchre party in July that we host in Flint, Mi. I had gone to subway and got a double chicken chopped salad to eat for supper, while the players had fried chicken, coleslaw, and all the fixings that we provided.

I think it is better to set small goals, then to set big ones, I wanted to be down 70 pound by the time I drove to St. Louis to have dinner and meet Theresa Staryak, Lorna Campbell, Jessie Pierce Crites, Cathy Cook Janovjak, and so many more warriors at T.G.I.F. On that Friday night in October, what would they think of me, would they like me, all questions running through my head. They were all great people, just like me on the same journey, some had been on the program a while, some a few days, a few on maintenance. It was a great evening, and I think I had lost 80 pounds.

I think the turning point for me happened that night, Dr. Todd and Linda Frisch surprised us by showing up at the dinner, they were the founders of this amazing program. Who would of ever thought, I would meet the founders of this program, and not just have dinner with them, but be invited back to their home where we could talk more freely about the program, have our questions answered, and listen to Dr. Todd tell how it all came about. I think we were all moved that night, and we have become more than just "friends", we became family. Warriors For Life.

I apologize, I get long winded talking about my journey and this program. I guess when your the adopted "poster child" it is something you do. I have been called a lot of different things but "Famous Bill" has to be one I never saw coming. Or to be told I am an inspiration to many, that people follow my progress, maybe that is one of the reasons I never want to fail at this, is to never let myself down, or those I am an inspiration to.

Now, today being 1 year, I can look back on this journey, down 160.9 pounds, and know that if I "Mr. Skeptical, I will do it tomorrow Guy" can do this program and have the success I have had, anyone can do this program with the right mindset. I did this for Me, not for my parents that have wanted me to lose weight for years, not for my heart doctor that had harped on me to lose weight for at least 6 years, not for those kids that would point at me in store and say "look how fat that guy is mom", I did it for ME.

I thank my wife Cathy Doering that had stuck by my side for 38 years, and cooks all that delicious food I get to eat. (She has always been a great cook), just now we both eat healthier.

Lots of thank you's, and to all my friends and family that have followed my journey and always had an encouraging word to say. Thank you for accepting as I am, the "shy guy" (smile).

On to the rest of my life and maintaining this loss, and never looking back to where I was, only going forward!!

Bill Doering