Apr. 6, 2017

The Two of Us

I posted this on the shape site tonight:

I had my practitioner's appointment today, and because of being on overnights and not sleeping very well when I get home, it's hard to weigh. So we decided I would weigh on Sunday mornings.

Anyway, we were discussing if I felt good other ways, like my clothes being looser, and I said my dress pants fit better and I had to go up a notch on my belt.

The belt that I had to wear when I first started would wrap half way around my body now. The picture is of the shorts I used to wear, and if you look close my wife and I are wearing them.

It's hard to believe I have lost 134" off my body since I started shape. One of the morals to this story is, please stop worrying if your weight slows to a crawl, your not doing anything wrong, your body is continuing to reshape everyday. We all would love to drop weight as fast as we put it on, but shape isn't a race, it's a lifestyle. We will eat like this for the most part the rest of our lives.

I know in the past when I would go on a "diet" once I lost the weight, I would go back to eating the junk and weight came right back plus more. It's not happening ever again, yeah it could be 10 or 12 pounds, but not 150 or more.

Don't ever give up, this program works, I am living proof, as all of you are too, or will be one day. Rock on Warriors!!