May. 20, 2017

Just A Reminder

My wife wanted me to go through the dresser and see what clothes I don't wear anymore that we can give to our church thrift shop. There are just some clothes you have to keep to remind you where you started, and where your NEVER going back to.

When I started my Shape journey on May 29, 2015, I was wearing 5x shirts, 5x shorts, and size 58 jeans. I had to buy all my clothes at the xl destinations stores, which I didn't like but where else can you get big men's clothes.

Today, May 20, 9 days from my 2 year anniversary on Shape, I wear xl shirts, size 42 jeans, and size 42 shorts. I can shop kohl's, Wal-Mart, any store now, which is exciting, but the thrift stores I shop at too.

Shape is an awesome program, and although I did gain 15 pounds on maintenance in 8 months, I didn't regain 150 pounds back. I am back on fast trac, and am having a hard time getting it back off. But I know how to eat right to keep from gaining massive amounts of weight back.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of the clothes I will keep to remind me where I was and where I will never be again!!