May. 29, 2017

Two Years Later

Today May 29th is my 2 year Shape Anniversary. I had been on many diets over the years, I had some success only to fail and gain all the weight back plus more. I couldn't hardly walk without hurting, my feet swelled everyday, there was so much inflammation in my left knee that I couldn't bend it even enough to kneel in church. When I was at work, I had many spells where I would get light headed, and v would have to helped up off the floor if I was stocking something on a bottom shelf.

I had also had enough of the customers and their kids (they didn't know any better) but would point at me and say "mommy look how fat that guy !!" It hurt the words but they weren't wrong, I was slowly taxing my heart as it was, I have a pacemaker and defibrillator.

I couldn't walk from the front of the store to the back without having to catch my breath, and I was looking at knee replacement because I couldn't hardly bend at the knee. I wobbled when I walked like a fat penguin.

The my life changed, my sister in law Pat Camden had been doing this program called Shape Reclaimed with her chiropractor Dr Tom Jensen in Sterling, IL. She had lost 80 pounds and was telling me how easy it was to just eat healthy foods, take these drops to curb your appetite and fight the fat.

She added me to this site, and I read all the stories, followed the successes of so many before me and decided to give it a try. I had discussed it with my wife, who had stick with me all these years, when I tried so many times to lose weight only to fail repeatedly. She was skeptical I would succeed at this one too.

We decided I would give it a go, because of the cost, I wasn't going to fail this time, and this time I was doing it for me. I think every other time I had did it because my doctor wanted me to lose weight or my family. I was doing this for me.

We visited with Dr Jensen and his wife Michelle (my shape coach) discussed it all and decided I would fat load on the 29th and 30th and start on the 31st. It was a big adjustment but because my wife decided she would cook the shape way for both of us it helped greatly.

I started at 365.3 and had lost 50 in a month in a half when I went to see my heart doctor. He was skeptical, basically laughed at me and told Me I wouldn't stay with it. I always fail at diets, and he had been right, but not this time. He said come see me in January, this was July. The next time he saw me I was down 105 pounds, he about fainted.

It hasn't always been easy, but it has been worth it. Thank you Dr Todd and Linda Frisch for this awesome program, and for being good friends too, you care about all of us.

One thing I did discover is I am hypoglycemic, and have a tendency to pass out if I don't get enough protein in for the day.

Today I start back to phase 2 after trying fast trac again, but being on overnights and not sleeping well we decided to go back on phase 2 and maintenance.

I have lost 140, at the most 150, and kept it almost all off in 2 years. Shape is a lifestyle not a diet, diets don't work, but this program does. Sorry this went so long, but I am happy to be here to share my journey in the hopes others know it's possible and it works!!

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