Aug. 1, 2017

My Cardiology Appointment

Cardiologist update, I am down 135 pounds, and 25 more since I saw him last year. He says " Are you still on that program?" Me: " Yep, for life!", He says, the weights not coming back? Never again will I be 365 pounds.

He says, your doing great, comeback in a year!!!! It used to be 3 months, then 6 months, now a year.

When I was walking into the clinic I saw a friend, she asked how are you, I said "great", she said you looking good, you've lost a lot of weight. Yes I have!

I came to a restaurant for salad bar and the owner is a friend, he says to the girl waiting on me, "look how skinny he looks", I don't consider myself skinny, but a lot healthier then I have ever been.

Before embarking on this awesome program, and eating healthier, I was sick a lot, I "knock on wood" haven't been sick since I started shape 28 months ago.

It works, I love the fact I am monitored, and have a great rapport​ with my practitioner, and his wife my shape coach Michelle.

See you in a year Dr. Gopal!!