Welcome to the Cranky Old Hag’s hangout. This is my blog site where I will share many of life’s anecdotes and happenings. I try to write the funnier things in life that I’ve seen and experienced so not everything will be on a serious note. Some of my writings will be in article form; others are just quick jibs & jabs.

As you can probably see, I have a ‘menu’ which has different menu items that pertain to a wide variety of topics such as relationships, children, or even nursing (the profession). Click on the genre of your choice and find a story/article of interest to you. IE: Ghost Stories will have several articles such as, The Séance, Eleanor and the Ouija Board, The Exorcism and so forth.

At the bottom of each menu page is the word ‘overview.’ Once you click on ‘overview’, it will bring up all of the subjects under that topic thereby allowing you to pick and choose what you find interesting.

I’ve also added a few friends to my blog who like to share and write about their own personal experiences, thoughts and ideas. Respectfully, I do not tamper with their own style of writing, so what you see is what they gave.

As an author, I’ve written and have published a few books. One book I’ve written under my own name, while others I use my writer’s pseudonym of Kerri Thomas.

My ultimate dream is to one day have my Scot Free books made into movies and see them on the big screen. If you know anyone who could, or would help in that arena, send him or her my way. I will gladly speak with them.

Oh! And before I forget, all works printed and published on my blog site, are by copyright. Therefore, even if you do not see the © symbol on the articles, they still maintain my copyright on them.

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10.02.2021 08:30

Debbie Clark

Hey girl! What are you publications?

01.02.2020 12:33

Ann Marie

Love your blog

13.12.2019 17:21


I have a super creepy angel statue story I would love to share with you...photos as well

14.12.2019 14:10


Please do. I'd love to hear about it.

22.08.2019 15:24

Melissa Stone

I love ❤️ love ❤️ this page. Thank you for giving me a good laugh when I needed it.

24.06.2019 09:18

Sunshine Elliott

Enjoy your blogs very much!

12.02.2019 23:41

janette becoate-graham

My husband and I celebrated 50 years in 2017 we were high school sweethearts here in Georgetown.

03.12.2017 09:12


Gr8 Stuff U Always. Making. me lol these days not easy 2 do lifes been throwing me curve balls n i cry alot more but u always get me giggling lol Xoxo

02.05.2017 00:03

Jim Chavis

I worked there for several years and was the last projectionist the Strand ever had. We had no ghost issues. Only issue was front rows of seats submerging at hi tide and we had an AC where masks ar

19.04.2017 16:35

Bill Thomas

The mural of which you speak is not on Roz's building but on Myer Rosen's old law office. There use to be a gas station on that conrner.