Mar. 22, 2017

The Mormons

This is about my experience with The Mormons. I was raised Seventh Day Adventist and am used to the radicals. The book of Leviticus teaches that it’s a sin to eat the meat of beasts without cloven hooves, the carcass of a swine (even though they are cloven hoofed) fish without scales and fins, birds that soar in the air, and animals that “creepth and slither upon the earth,” or have paws.

Yes, it’s all there. I’ve read it many of times. I can almost quote it by rote. Many of the SDA radicals live off that book in the Bible. They will tell you though that we live in the days of the New Testament but always revert back to the Mosaic Laws. Not all SDA’s are radicals though.

If you were to compare them to The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints, AKA, The Mormons, they are kittens in the radical department. The Mormons, whom I firmly believe to be a cult, used to believe in having many wives as many of the Biblical prophets did (some still practice polygamy). I’m very familiar with the Mormons having lived in Utah for a year when I was twelve. My aunt, a Mormon, tried to get me to convert.

I almost allowed them to baptize me when, fortunately, fate interfered. I had been tricked by my father and his wife to go visit my aunt who lived in Utah. I was told I would be spending the summer with her but, when I got there, I was told I was moving in with her. I resented it; I resented being tricked, I resented being taken away from my ailing mother who lived in a nursing home, I just flat out resented the whole situation (Elvis had died that same year. Maybe that was why I was so cranky?).

I was asked to speak to the bishop (the equivalency to a pastor or a priest). While it was supposed to be confidential, not that I cared because I’d been carrying on openly about it the whole time anyway, he’d gone back and told my aunt what I said about being tricked.

That left a sour taste in my mouth. How can a man of God lie to a child and then try to justify it? It didn’t set well with me. The other thing that bothered me was the fact they ate pork. For being radical, they didn’t mind eating the meats of sin. They habitually added “sins” to their bi-laws which were handed down by man, not by God. Surprisingly enough, most of the Mormons I knew followed those laws almost to a fault.

Later, when my cousin Jim joined the Mormon Missionaries, he was sent to Switzerland with another missionary. At the time, Jim was engaged to the same bishop’s daughter, Connie, and they were set to be married upon his return. Apparently while Jim was in Switzerland he cheated on Connie. The other missionary reported him for “committing adultery.”

I told my aunt, “That’s not adultery; Jim and Connie aren’t even married yet!”

As my aunt pointed out though, “Her father is the bishop of the church; he can do whatever he likes.”

“It would be fornication,” I insisted.

“Yes, I agree, however, as I said, it’s his daughter and he doled punishment out. Jim has no choice if he wants to marry Connie.”

What he liked was ostracizing Jim and banished him for a year. He was not allowed to marry Connie, nor was he allowed to attend church for the whole year. I learned through my own experiences, and that of my cousin, that the Mormons tend to make up their own rules as they go. They forgive who they want and hide the rest. I certainly learned they didn’t mind lying or changing the rules.

How can someone tell you that you cannot go to church or whom you can marry? How can he persecute, execute, and take away Jim’s God given right all in the name of Mormonism? Jim did marry Connie sometime later, and he did return to the church after a year of banishment. It was explained to me by another church member, “We have to have guidelines and rules set up. Whenever they are broken, the offender needs to be punished.”

“Yes, but it’s not your place to punish anyone and tell them they can’t go to church,” I argued. “You are taking the place of God by doing that!”

Several years later, I was watching a program and the speaker was Joseph Smith’s great-granddaughter. She was talking of his relationship with Brigham Young, both known as co-founders of the Latter Day Saints.

She stated they were two con men who had met up in jail and concocted the scheme of leading a group of people out west. She also claimed to have proof that her great-grandfather did not get shot by a mob while in jail. In fact, he was shot by the hand of a jealous husband who caught Joseph Smith in bed with his wife. Brigham Young took up the pioneering once Smith was dead. The “church,” as it were, decided to hush it up because they feared if the other “members” on the trail knew they would all turn around and leave. The great-granddaughter stated these events were well documented in her great-grandmother’s diary who was one of Smith’s many wives.

They lied? They covered it up? Color me so surprised!

My husband had mentioned to an acquaintance of his that I used to attend the Mormon Church while living in Utah. Holy catnip, Batman! He was worse than an entire Kingdom Hall of Jehovah Witnesses. He insisted on coming to my house several times during the week or calling me. I kept telling him I was not interested. I felt that particular religion was that of a cult group and I wasn’t about to get involved with them again.

It took about six months before he finally backed off. He had someone from the “Women’s Circle” call me and invite me to join them. I told her the same thing. I was just as gruff with her as I was with him because I felt now, he was trying to sic her on me. I was in no mood to play with these people. I told her, “I am not interested! I do not want to be involved in your little group, so please stop calling me!”

“I’m so sorry,” she said. “I was told you were not sure what you wanted to do and I was asked to encourage you.”

He lied? Get outta here! Still, in an agitated voice I answered, “No, he lied! He flat out lied! He won’t leave me the hell alone. If he comes back to my house, or calls me again, I will call the police and have him arrested for harassment! Tell him to stay the F#&$ away from me!”

That was over twenty years ago. He’s not been back since.