Feb. 8, 2022

Atheist Beliefs

1. An Atheist tells me he doesn't believe in God because He created Adam and Eve, but where do these other people come from?
I said, "God."
He laughed and said, "No. God said he created Adam and Eve, He doesn't mention these other people."
I answered, "NO! God said he created Adam and Eve FIRST. He mentions other people later and you can see that He also created them as well.
2. Another thing Atheists love to point out, "How can a snake walk on feet? Have you ever seen a snake with feet?"
Well, I did a report in the 8th grade on snakes/serpents and in said report they say, look at the bottom of the snake’s tail, where the anus is, and you will see two small black prongs that used to be feet. The very feet God took from the serpent after his betrayal to God with Adam and Eve. They are only on pythons and boa constrictors.
We just happened to have a 4 foot boa and an 8 foot python. I pulled them out of their cages and looked. Lo and behold! There were black prongs near their anus where their feet used to be.
3) Atheist like to point out, “How can Eve have eaten an apple when apples didn’t come about until AFTER Christ’s reported stay on this earth?”
Answer: The Bible never, ever says what fruit came from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Man ASSUMED it was an apple for whatever reason.
In truth, many Biblical scholars believe it to be a fig because of the description: when the fruit was plucked, the meat turned black. Another reason is, when Adam and Eve ate from the Tree, they became embarrassed of their nakedness. What did they hide behind? The Bibles says, A FIG LEAF!