Preaching by Mike

Sep. 12, 2022
Jun. 15, 2022
I just had a couple of nice young ladies come to my door. (Their father wisely waiting in their vehicle.)
She stated in spite of the UN's efforts there is still no peace in this world. She then asked what I thought would bring peace to the world.
At this point I was glad their father was in the car and not here with his daughters.
I told them there would never be world peace until Jesus returns to rule.
At this point it is important to have peace in our own soul and not be dependent upon a coming Kingdom to enjoy that peace. The only way we can have true peace is to trust Jesus Christ EXCLUSIVELY for our eternal salvation.
If we are dependent upon what we are "doing" for the Lord to secure that peace, we will never find it. Eternal salvation is the work of God through Jesus Christ our Lord, not our's. It is just as Paul and Silas told the jailer in Acts 16 when he had asked, "What must I do to be saved?" They said unto him, "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved..." There is nothing else stated that is required, like baptism, sinner's prayer, doing something or quit doing something.
I further pointed out how Lucifer had said, "I will be like the Most High." I asked, "Isn't that the same as being Christ-like? Yet Lucifer was condemned for it. The difference being, he desired to be good by his own efforts which has no influence with God whatsoever, in fact he finds it repugnant. As stated in Isaiah, "There are none righteous, no, not one. All of OUR righteousnesses are as filthy rags."
"So ladies, please don't put your faith in what you are doing today for your salvation, put your faith in Jesus Christ only. By doing so, He will empower you to do His good will and pleasure, you no longer HAVE to do it, you will WANT to do it."
Not sure if I got through or not, but I gave them something to think about.
She said they had to go, but would like to leave a Watchtower with me to study on my own. I declined and asked if they would accept something I would give them. She said, "No."
I offered to pray with them and they declined that as well.
I am praying for them anyway.
Be bold and witness to the "Witnesses" because you cannot hand them a tract.
Have a Blessed Day!
~Brother Mike
Feb. 8, 2022
He Was Hated...
He was hated because he spoke against the status quo.
He was hated because he spoke against the intellectual elites.
He was hated because he worked hard regardless of what day of the week it was.
He was hated because he had compassion for the weak.
He was hated because his opinions and remarks were not mainstream.
He was hated because he stood up against taking advantage of the poor.
He was hated because of his dedication to God.
He was hated because he didn't just talk about the evils of the world, he did something against those evils.
He was hated because of his dining habits.
He was hated for who he associated himself with.
He was hated for standing up against those who claimed an unofficial authority over you.
He was hated for putting others ahead of himself.
He was hated for encouraging people to stretch beyond the here and now, and look to the future.
He endured these attacks of hatred virtually on a daily basis for a period of over three years. Yet, he endured unto the end.
There are times when someone is remembered for why they were loved, but there are times when they are remembered for why they were hated. Hate is a very strong and destructive emotion. Love is also a very strong emotion, however the end result is most often for the betterment of the one who is loving.
Why so much hatred for one individual? Could the reasons I have mentioned also be considered attributes rather than stains? It is all in your perspective.
The question now arises: About whom was I speaking? Some would say I was speaking of the Lord Jesus Christ. Which is true, yet not entirely. There is another who is hated for the same reasons. After some careful consideration, could you not relate this list to former President Donald Trump? He has lived through all of them, so why not?
Aren't we as Christians to become Christlike? As we say in the South, you gotta take the grease with the gravy. What is perceived as an attribute by some is considered a stain by others.
I'll just call them "gravy stains" and wear them with honor to the fact that I have dined well.
Respectfully and humbly submitted,
~Brother Mike
Dec. 18, 2021
Sometimes we encounter subtle adversities that we weren't prepared to answer properly. There is a fellow that follows my service at Andover who brings a Catholic service for the devouts in residence, many of whom attend the service I administer.
He is usually there early enough to catch the latter moments of my sermon as he listens just outside the Chapel. As we were exiting last Sunday, he attempted to glorify me and the ministry that the Lord has given me. He asked if I saved anyone today. I told him I have never saved anyone, that belongs to only Jesus Christ.
He related my ministry to that of John the Baptist and his call for preachers. I reiterated that I will take no glory for myself and that all glory belongs to God and His Son, Jesus Christ. He appeared to be unable to grasp what I was telling him.
As I was headed to my next ministry, a quote from John the Baptist occurred to me: "He must increase, but I must decrease." (John 3:30) It is not now, nor has it ever been about me. It is 100% about Jesus Christ.
Religious people have difficulty with this concept. Since they have busied themselves attempting to please God, they believe they have "bragging rights" for their dedication. The Word of God is clear that no one has boasting rights either here or in eternity.
"So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God." (Romans 4:12) Context is extremely important with this verse. The verses before and after make it clear that everything has been done for us by God through Jesus Christ. So, what is the proper response to this accounting?
Lord, I have nothing. I have nothing but You, for You have done it all to glorify Yourself. May God have ALL glory, honor and praise.
~Brother Mike
Oct. 8, 2021