Mar. 24, 2017

1 John 2:2

"And he is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world."

Definition: Propitiation is a theological term denoting that by which God is rendered propitious, i.e., that 'satisfaction' or 'appeasement' by which it becomes consistent with his character and government to pardon and bless sinners. The propitiation does not procure his love or make him loving; rather, it renders it consistent for him to exercise his love towards sinners.

The Book of Job is probably one of the most discussed books in the Old Testament. Misunderstanding the crux of its message is often the case. I can direct your attention to Job Chapter 9, and it would seem that Job is having a "pity party" and is frustrated with God. Yet, if you get the grasp of what Job is saying, it is very illuminating.

Allow me the liberty to put his words in a way that is more understandable:

LORD, we got a problem! There You are..absolutely righteous. No matter what you do to the world or me, it is absolutely righteous and correct, even when it hurts or even if kills me! I am having a hard time figuring all this out! I try and I try as hard as I can to be pleasing to You, yet I know I keep coming up short! You are infinite. I am finite. We are just too different! I can look within my own soul and realize I am not as you. I am a man. I have my faults. Even if no one else can see these faults, I know You can...and so can I! How are we ever to bridge this gap that is between us? Oh how I wish there was someone who could mediate between us! This mediator would have to be different from God in that He is man, yet He must be different from man in that He is God!

Job, as well as the rest of all mankind, have had that prayer answered. The name of that Mediator is Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ paid the penalty for the sins of ALL mankind on Calvary's Cross. Believer and unbeliever alike. There are many verses that we put to memory and 1 John 2:2 should be one of them. John is clear that the sins we commit or will commit, have already been judged on Jesus Christ. Believer and unbeliever alike. We, as believers, confess our sins in order for fellowship to be restored. The question for the unbeliever is NOT what sins have you committed, the question is "What think ye of Christ?"

This verse is clear. No one, absolutely no one, has ever been condemned because of sin. If all sin has been judged on Jesus Christ, and it has, how could God condemn us for it? That would be "double jeopardy" which means you cannot be convicted of the same wrong twice. John is equally clear in his Gospel. It is not sin that condemns us:

John 3:18
He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

I have said on many occasions that the biggest adversary to the Gospel of Jesus Christ is RELIGION! Religion has no answers. Religion has no peace. Religion cannot produce a relationship with God. Religion produces self-righteousness, judgmentalism and intolerance. Satan himself is the creator of religion. It is his "ace trump." Who were the most prevalent and vocal adversaries of Jesus Christ during His ministry here on earth? The Pharisees! The "religious" crowd! Religion keeps the adherer from having a genuine relationship with God, as whether they realize it or not, they are only trying to appease themselves by their own actions. Not acceptable! John tells us that God is SATISFIED, not with our works of righteousness, but rather with the work of absolute righteousness performed by Jesus Christ.

All we provide for our salvation is FAITH in the finished work of Jesus Christ.

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shat be saved.

Have a Blessed Day!
~Brother Mike