Mar. 24, 2017

Being Friendly to One Another

I love it when life gives me a cool story to tell. :-)

I usually work afternoons, but I went in early to straighten out a foul up with some press parts I had ordered. I had ordered a couple of water metering rollers, but I had no idea they would arrive without the gears.and bearings already on them. A call to HALM in Brooklyn, New York was a priority.

I am in Arkansas and I am calling New York. I understand our accents and mannerisms are different from each other, yet I don't demean anyone about it because that is just the way it is.

Here is the conversation with HALM in New York...

HALM lady: HALM Industries how may I help you?
(I put spaces between the words, but her's were not that distinct.)
Me: Yes, may I speak with Angela please?
HALM lady: She is on another line helping someone else.
Me: That's ok, you can help me. I ordered a couple of metering rollers, but they didn't have the gears and bear---
HALM: I'll have to transfer you to John. Get the part numbers from him and get back with me and I will get them ordered. One moment.


I talk with John and get settled with exactly what parts with accompanying numbers I need.

Me: Thank you John. If you can transfer me back to the lady I was just speaking with, I'd appreciate it.

John: One moment.


HALM lady: 🎶 Hello 🎶
Me: Uhhh... I'm Mike from North Little Rock, is this the same lady I was just talking with?
HALM lady: ♬♫ Yes it is! 🎶🎵
Me: Wow! You sound a lot sweeter than you did a few minutes ago! You must have had a sip of your coffee!
HALM lady: 🎶🎵 I did!!! ♬♫🎶

We proceeded to finish our business.

Her name was Keisha. Get a cup of coffee down her and she will transform from being a cold, New York Yankee to a Southern Belle in a heartbeat!

It was a very pleasurable call, and I think we may have closed the gap between New York and Arkansas a little.

There are lessons to be learned here. Both of us were probably suffering over the time change this past weekend. I had preconceived ideas about New Yorkers and she probably had preconceived ideas about Arkansans. We were both wrong. If we just speak to one another in a friendly manner and tone, there is nothing we cannot accomplish together.

We walk together, talk together, and work together. Let's not fall into the devil's trap of prejudgment and we should be more understanding of the lives and plights of the people with whom we make contact...and a cup of coffee won't hurt either. ;-)

~Brother Mike