Mar. 25, 2018

Mixing the Rules

OOPS! I won't be doing that again!

I remember when I was about 8 or 9 years old, it was a Saturday, and my older brother and I were bored. We had a basketball, but the goal was wasted. We had a baseball bat, but the ball had disappeared into the neighbor's yard long ago. So, my brother came up with a brilliant idea!

Within the confines of the driveway, he was going to pitch the basketball and I was going to hit it with the bat. He pitched the basketball, but it was high and tight. Obviously out of the strike zone. It was just the two of us, so I would have been the one chasing it down the driveway. I elected to hit it. I had visions of watching that basketball sailing over the garage.

With a mighty swing from over my head, I had a good, square hit in the middle of the ball. Did it go over the garage? No. It dropped to the ground unconsequentially in front of me. The bat had a different, unexpected result. It bounced immediately back from where it came...right in the middle of my forehead. My fall in the middle if the driveway was of much more consequence. I think it knocked me out for a few moments. This was about 1960, there were no ER visits for such matters in those days.

I recovered from that incident, yet it was years before I received the profound truth that was to be learned in that incident. What did we do wrong? WE MIXED THE RULES!

Millions of Christians need to learn that valuable lesson I was taught in the middle of our driveway. Many Christians will bragadociously tell me that they obey the WHOLE Bible. First of all, they are lying to me. Jesus Christ is the only One Who ever obeyed the whole Old Testament. Secondly, it was written to Israel, and its primary application is to Israel and those living under their rule. Can we learn about God in the Old Testament? Indeed we can! Is the Christian obligated to obey the Mosaic Law? No we are not!

The Old Testament and the New Testament are two separate rules of life. One for the Jews, one for the Christian. If you mix the rules, picking out what you like in the Old Testament, you will figuratively get laid out in your own spiritual driveway.

The Law was written to be obeyed in the flesh. The New Testament is instructional, to be followed in the Spirit. That is why God has endowed us with the Holy Spirit, that we may serve Him by HIS power and not by the power of the flesh. The Apostle Paul is clear in Romans 8:8 that you CANNOT please God in the flesh.

So, why would you choose to mix the rules? He has lifted the burden from us, and it is HE Who is carrying it. We just surrender to His will and good pleasure.

To God be all Glory, Honor, and Praise...never our own.

Have a Blessed day!

~Brother Mike