Dec. 20, 2018

Differences Between Unaccepting & Intolerant

This was from a year ago (Dec 20, 2017).

I have recently been browbeaten by FB for a similar "infraction". What the powers at be of FB are not understanding is there no access to God other than the Lord Jesus Christ. PERIOD. 

Secondly, allah is NOT God. It is a figment of Mohammed's imagination. Islam is a flesh driven religion and the end result is eternal torment in the lake of fire. I have no desire for ANYONE to end up there.

My motives are pure. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.




I came onto FB and it immediately logged me out, saying my session had timed out. I was allowed to log back in but they showed me one of my recent posts and asked if I was the one who posted it. I acknowledged in the affirmative. They went on to scold me as it was contrary to FB standards. Okay, duly noted.

What was it? It was a repost that showed up on my "On This Day" ... from THREE years ago! The subject matter was that of someone who unfriended me because of my position on Islam. I tolerate them, yet I do not accept them. As a Christian, I cannot accept what most decidedly allows someone to go to everlasting torment. They have the right to make that choice, but I do not have to be accepting of it. I never will.

Be clear, I am NOT being intolerant, I am being unaccepting. FB, and whomever it was who reported me needs to learn the difference.

Thank you for allowing me to state my case.

~Brother Mike