Sep. 12, 2019

Breaking Bad

Those who know me well are aware I am a huge Breaking Bad fan. What??!? How can you (being a preacher and all) be a fan of such a "sin filled" series? Well, I am also a member of a discussion page as well. Can secular and spiritual meet in agreement? I submitted a post and the Admins allowed it. Kudos and thanks to the Admins!

Here is my post:

Breaking Bad from a preacher's perspective:

The beauty of BB is its ugliness. Walt definitely had a "dark side", and all who have watched the series would nod their head in agreement. Yet the character study of each and every member of the cast reveals the same darkness within.

Skylar? Apart from being unfaithful to Walt, I have read many accurate assessments of her flaws in the many threads on this page.

Jesse? His good and bad sides were prevalent throughout the series.

Walt Jr, a/k/a Flynn? Trying to buy Beer at the liquor store.

Hank? Wrongly pummeled Jesse within an inch of his life. True, he was angered about Marie being injured used to deceive him into leaving the scene of the RV, but it was Walt who actually did it.

Marie? A shoplifting kleptomaniac.

I think you see my point. Vince Gilligan composed a masterpiece, such as I have never seen on stage, screen or television. He had the ability to see inside, the dark secrets we all have, whether we admit or not.

Yes, I have used the story and characters of Breaking Bad in many of my homilies as they are so perfect. In fact, I learned a new word from watching the series: kafkaesque. It was used in the episode bearing that word. Jesse was in rehab and the leader used the word. Not really knowing the meaning, Jesse used the word himself. How many others were sent to the dictionary to discover the meaning?

To make something kafkaesque, is to take something simple and overcomplicate it until it has become so confusing it makes no sense whatsoever. This is what most preachers for hire have done to the beloved Gospel I preach.

I will resist the urge to preach at this juncture and assure you that Breaking Bad has something to offer...even to a poor old preacher.

God bless!

~Brother Mike