Sep. 19, 2021

God Sees All

The Lord drops illustrations right in our lap, if we just have the unscaled eyes to see them.
Thursday, I knew the press helper on the Speedmaster (press) had no money & no lunch for the evening. So, even though I had brought my lunch, I made a quick run to Sam's Club and scored a pizza for him and the other guys.
Friday as I was carrying a carton of envelopes to shipping, I noticed some clown had left a pallet with a carton of paper on it right in the aisle. Since I was going to return with a skid of envelopes, I asked the press helper if he could move that pallet out of the aisle for me.
His response? "I didn't put it there," and sat in a chair and played on his phone.
Yes, it annoyed me. So I moved it on my return trip.
Then I got to thinking. Is he not like many Christians today. It isn't like I could or would take the pizza back, but a little demonstration of appreciation would have been in order. It was a small request, was it too much to ask?
God through Jesus Christ, has given us eternal life, and will never take it back. Is it too much to ask to even mention his Name or perform some small act of kindness to demonstrate our love for what He has done for us?
When the opportunity comes along, just do it ... for Him.
~Brother Mike