Feb. 8, 2022

Gravy Stains

He Was Hated...
He was hated because he spoke against the status quo.
He was hated because he spoke against the intellectual elites.
He was hated because he worked hard regardless of what day of the week it was.
He was hated because he had compassion for the weak.
He was hated because his opinions and remarks were not mainstream.
He was hated because he stood up against taking advantage of the poor.
He was hated because of his dedication to God.
He was hated because he didn't just talk about the evils of the world, he did something against those evils.
He was hated because of his dining habits.
He was hated for who he associated himself with.
He was hated for standing up against those who claimed an unofficial authority over you.
He was hated for putting others ahead of himself.
He was hated for encouraging people to stretch beyond the here and now, and look to the future.
He endured these attacks of hatred virtually on a daily basis for a period of over three years. Yet, he endured unto the end.
There are times when someone is remembered for why they were loved, but there are times when they are remembered for why they were hated. Hate is a very strong and destructive emotion. Love is also a very strong emotion, however the end result is most often for the betterment of the one who is loving.
Why so much hatred for one individual? Could the reasons I have mentioned also be considered attributes rather than stains? It is all in your perspective.
The question now arises: About whom was I speaking? Some would say I was speaking of the Lord Jesus Christ. Which is true, yet not entirely. There is another who is hated for the same reasons. After some careful consideration, could you not relate this list to former President Donald Trump? He has lived through all of them, so why not?
Aren't we as Christians to become Christlike? As we say in the South, you gotta take the grease with the gravy. What is perceived as an attribute by some is considered a stain by others.
I'll just call them "gravy stains" and wear them with honor to the fact that I have dined well.
Respectfully and humbly submitted,
~Brother Mike