Animal & Pet Stories

Jan. 1, 2020

When my daughter was about three or four, she adopted a gray striped stray cat that lurked around her grandfather’s Maryville Shell Station. This cat adored my daughter. She would lug it around holding it by the neck (poor kitty), but he was too big for her, as a toddler, to carry.

He really did not seem to mind. He would run to her whenever he saw her, knowing he was going into a choke hold. She named him Tigger after the infamous Winnie the Pooh character with the bouncy tail. In her defense, it was the only kitty she knew that had tiger stripes.

She would lug him over to the bench Clyde had outside the building and drag him onto it. Before she crawled onto the bench herself, she would point her finger at Tigger and tell him, “Stay!” as if he were a dog and he would sit right there waiting for her to sit down next to him.

He liked boiled peanuts and so Tigger and Amber would sit on the bench together eating boiled peanuts. It was just so amazing how this cat took to my daughter. Everyone noticed it and was just as amazed as we were.

The family home was a block down the street behind the station. Everyone knew Clyde lived there, especially friends. One morning, my father-in-law answered a knock on his door. Someone came to tell him he had found Tigger dead on the side of the road behind the Maryville Shell Station.

My father-in-law went back inside and got my brother-in-law, Ritchie, and told him what happened. Together they got dressed, grabbed a shovel, a plastic bag, and headed down the street.

As Clyde looked on, Ritchie dug a grave for the cat. They didn’t want Amber to see her precious and obedient kitty dead, so they were burying him before she found out.

Several minutes into it, Clyde tells Ritchie. “I don’t think the cat is dead so, you can stop digging now.”

As he continues to pull up the earth he asks his dad, “Why do you say that?”

Clyde says, “Look.”

Ritchie turned to look at his father. Tigger was sitting next to the bag with the deceased cat in it which was at Clyde’s feet. They were both watching Ritchie dig his grave.

Oct. 18, 2019

I think my dogs sense there's something wrong today. They keep following me around everywhere I go as I wander from room to room.

My fat little beagle is bouncing next to me. He looks like a miniature Winnebago with a tail as he jumps and bounces up and down trying to make me feel better. When I sit down, the other dog will lay her head on my lap as if to say "it will be all right."

My blood sugar is in the 80's and I know I have to eat, but I absolutely have no appetite. I do need to eat so I've tried a few things. I tried some ragoons, I fixed two of them and choked down half of one and gave the rest to the dogs.

I still have some (stove top popped) popcorn left from my hurricane snacks that I didn't eat. I ate a kernel and tossed the dogs a handful. They finished that and followed me back into the kitchen.

Cottage Cheese -- eww
Oatmeal -- eww
Left over baked chicken from dinner that I didn't finish -- nope

I tried a sugar-free wafer, but didn't want that either. I took one bite and gave the rest to the dogs. They're so cute...wait, they're following me around because I have food!


Sep. 10, 2019
Aug. 10, 2019

My granddaughter loves to tease the dogs. She finds it hilarious that they jump through hoops for her. She calls my bigger one “Yanka,” instead of “Bianca.” In her defense, she’s only 2 ½ years old.

She will grab Yanka’s squeaky toy and throw it then giggle and squeal as she tears off to go get her toy back. Eventually, my granddaughter will toss it into a container where “Yanka” can’t find it. She finds this terribly amusing as the dog searches for her squeaky toy. She will laugh so hard, she almost topples over.

One afternoon, she was sitting on my desk eating some of my Tostitios®. The dogs ventured over to beg for a few crumbs. Noting that they were sitting there waiting for her to drop something (she’s a smart child), she picked up my notepad and tore off a stack and threw it down to Charlie.

With her fingers covered in the scent of the Tostitos® now transferred to the paper, the dog attacked the notepad. She giggled and laughed so hard that she almost fell off the desk so, she threw the other half of the stack of post-its to the dog. He not being much brighter than a box of rocks, attacked that too.

As you can see from the picture posted – they had a grand time that day. However, the picture does not capture the true look of the notepad mauling. For what it’s worth, she has a wonderful sense of humor that matches my own.

Jul. 22, 2019

When my son was small, instead of picking me flowers on his way home from school, he would bring me home rocks that he found interesting. I wouldn’t throw them away, either, because to me it was his way of saying he was thinking about me. As a result, we started to get quite a pile up.

At first, we put a box out on the front step for his collection. When that filled up, my husband and I decided on a rock garden around the oak tree. It’s been there ever since. Just recently, we decided to spruce it up and decorate the garden and while at a yard sale, we bought a cute little turtle statue.

My dog, a beagle, is a mighty hunter. He spotted the new animal pal around the oak tree and he let him know who was running the place. We know this because we heard his “wounded seal” bark and looked. He was standing there by the tree barking at the ceramic turtle. You can’t get anything past him!