Mar. 25, 2017

Bianca's Ears

When our Blue Healer, Bianca, came down with an ear infection, Dr. Sherrie prescribed her some Amoxil in capsule form. We would slip it into a piece of a hot dog and feed it to her. Bianca was terribly happy about it and obliged us by taking her medicine like a good baby.

I’m glad she is happy, however, the smarty-fur-pants eats around the pill and spits it back out. But, wait! The pill smells so good just like that hot dog piece. So, she licks it and puts it back in her mouth, tries to chew it, breaks it, and the powder goes all over the carpet. Now, she’s snorting it up like a cokehead on an all-night binge.

I don’t care as long as she gets it in her. Her ears are looking much, much better now.