Mar. 25, 2017

Charlie & Bianca's Story

Charlie was a hunting dog, beagle mix. When we received him from the Humane Society he had a “0” bleached into his fur. After a couple of days with us we quickly realized he was not the smartest pup in the kennel.

Either Charlie got separated from the hunting pack and ended up in the shelter, or the previous owners, also realizing he wasn’t very smart, left him on the side of the road and drove off. I’m pretty sure it was the latter; he got separated.

The first thing Charlie did when he came into the house was run up under the end table that sets between the sofa and love seat to hide. When outside, he barked incessantly at anything out there: a squirrel, mole, leaf, acorn, anything. It was bad enough that we had to buy a “no bark collar,” to train him to stop barking unnecessarily.

Bianca, an Blue Healer, also from the shelter, had some bad behaviors. She likes to chew on things. She has torn my Mr. Moose slippers to shreds. She’s shredded Charlie’s pillow that we put in his “dog house,” she‘s gotten shoes, a towel, clothes. She even chews on Charlie sometimes.

We all wonder if she was neglected because she is super-loving toward us. The fact she hates getting in cars makes me believe, like I once thought with Charlie, she was put on the side of the road and left behind. She has a big phobia about it.

We pampered Charlie with love and affection. Now he comes out of his “dog house” more frequently. Bianca, we got her some chew toys and taught her how to howl whenever she wants a cookie (Milk Bone biscuit), and both are thriving and very happy.

I’ve watched these two over a period of time and I am convinced they talk to each other all the time; especially Bianca who is hyper and runs all over the place. Charlie is more placid and laid back of the two. Yeah, they talk. I can almost hear their conversations too.

Bianca, hopping around Charlie, asks, “Where did you come from?”

“The animal shelter,” he answered.

“I was there too! I didn’t like it there very much. There was no room to run, jump, play,” Bianca says bouncing around Charlie. “How did you get there at the animal place?”

Charlie scratches behind his ear and answers, “I got separated from the other boys while out on a hunt and they took me to that place. Man! I thought I was screwed for sure … and I was, a few times. Then, The Family came and brought me here.”

“I see you’re neutered,” Bianca observed.

“Yup. I think that’s why the other boy dogs at the shelter took a shine to me,” Charlie snorts, “They thought I was a girl.”

“What’s that around your neck?” asked Bianca while they romped around in the yard outside.

“This? It’s some collar that zaps the crap out of me when I bark,” he answered. “I spot something, bark, and the collar zaps me. I feel like an epileptic having a seizure when it goes off.”

“I see it lights up whenever you bark. Want me to help get it off of you,” Bianca offered. 

“Can you? I’d be much obliged if you did.”

Next thing we know we cannot find the dang collar. She took it off of him. How we know is, we replaced it with a regular collar and ten minutes later, she was wrestling with it in the living room trying to pull it over his head as well. 

Crazy dogs!