Mar. 25, 2017

The Humane Society

We had some workers at the house one evening. While talking with them, my husband noticed our dog, Charlie, was missing. The workers swore they shut all the gates, thereby keeping the dog in the yard. My husband wasn’t so sure and went out to check. Sure enough, two of the gates were open and Charlie was gone.

He couldn’t have been gone for more than a couple of minutes. We felt sure someone had picked him up but we didn’t know who or where he was. Everyone in the neighborhood knows he’s ours so it baffled us as to who would take him. We had our suspicions though.

To ease our worries, my husband and I kept telling each other, “Someone took him to the Humane Society; we’ll call them in the morning and check.”

Before we even had a chance to call them, the Humane Society called us to let us know someone had brought Charlie in the previous night. My son went straight over to get him that morning. We were all so relieved to have found him.

My son told us when they brought Charlie out, he just walked straight to the door and said, “C'mon Reese - let's get out of here.” Charlie didn't even stop to say hello. He was ready to go!

When Reese and Charlie got home, Bianca was so happy to see her friend. She hopped around him and howled before asking, “Charlie! Where ya been?”

Charlie said, “Man! It was a crazy night last night. I got out of the fence and was strolling down the street minding my own business. I was looking for cats and marking everything so I could find my way home when someone snatched me from behind and put me in their car.”

“Oh no,” Bianca yelled. “What did you do?”

“Nothing. What could I do?” Charlie said. “I can't drive a car. I have paws and they are absent of thumbs!”

Bianca, still hopping around Charlie, said, “Where did they take you?”

“They took me to that place where The Family found me the first time. I swear to all kittens, I am so happy to be out of there. It was exhausting and now I need a nap.”

“And that is why I don't like to get into cars,” said Bianca as Charlie crawled into his doggy bed for his nap. “I’m afraid someone will take me away from The Family and I can’t find my way back home again.”

Rest assure, locks on all the gates now.