Mar. 25, 2017

Cat Fight

Last night I had let my cat, Melody, go outside. I went ahead and brought my dogs, Charlie (the beagle) and Bianca (the Australian Sheppard) inside. Not long after I heard some cats outside my front door fighting.

This concerns me because Melody is 15 years old and has gotten quite cowardly when it comes to defending her territory; the yard. However, the neighbor’s two cats are young and sprite and frequently come over here to bully her. As a result, Melody only goes out when she absolutely has to and then comes right back inside.

Apparently, I was not the only one concerned. When the fight broke out (those two meanies had to be lying in wait), Bianca and Charlie responded. Charlie came running around the bend asking Bianca (in his best hound dog voice), “What happened? What is all the ruckus about?”

Bianca jumps up to spin herself around and face the door. She howls back to Charlie, “I don’t know, Charlie. I think it’s about that spoiled rotten ass cat, Melody!”

“Well let’s go see,” Charlie says as he runs underneath Bianca who then trips over Charlie and lands almost face first down on the floor.

It took some coaxing but Melody finally came out of her hiding place and ran back into the house. Those mean kitties have the nerve to come right up to my front door and look in the house for her. Fortunately, they run off when we approach the door.