Mar. 25, 2017

Kong & the Stuffed Pig

Our Great Dane, Kong, was not only funny as hell, but he was smart as a whip. He loved his yard, too. We had a fenced in yard around the house so he could run, jump and play with the children.

My brother-in-law was standing on the other side of the fence one day and said to me, “You know, he’s so big, he could just step over this fence if he wanted to.”

Kong was standing there next to us. “Shh,” I said to my brother-in-law, “He doesn’t know that and he might hear you!”

Kong knew he was not allowed to go into my daughter’s bedroom so he would often nudge her door open and just stand there looking in. He also knew, he was not allowed to touch her stuffed animals. However, he outweighed her by about 75 pounds. Whenever she sat on the floor to watch TV, he thought he was supposed to sit in her lap and did. I guess he thought he could boss her around as well because he rarely listened to her.

One afternoon while she was away, he came trotting out of her bedroom carrying one of her stuffed pigs in his mouth. My son spotted him and said, “Oh boy, Kong! When Amber gets home and finds out you stole her pig, you’re going to be in big trouble!”

Amber came in a few hours later and as if he understood what my son had said, Kong went to get the pig, brought it to her and sat down in front of her. Needless to say she was not happy but he didn’t seem to care. After all, he was twice her size.

He did get away with it, too. We loved him so much and he knew it. I still have that pig in my bedroom. I cannot seem to part with it. I know it’s a silly thing to keep, but it brings back so many fond memories of Kong that I just cannot let it go.