Mar. 25, 2017


We have a beagle that is probably the dumbest animal we’ve ever had. He’s supposed to be a hunting dog but hates the outdoors. He’s short and fat and waddles everywhere he goes.

He loves his doggy biscuits, especially the gravy bones. He will arf -arf whenever he wants one. If we do not pass them out to him in a reasonable amount of time, he will arf at us until we do. The other night he hopped on the sofa next to me and kept cutting his eyes at me. He wouldn’t look at me directly because he knows he’s not supposed to be on the furniture. When I continued to ignore him, he started barking to get his treat. I think he’s been a little bit spoiled.

My husband let him on our bed one night. That’s all it took. After that, he thought that was where he was supposed to sleep from then on. He is too short to jump up there so my husband put a chair at the foot of the bed so he could get on the bed with us. If the chair is moved, he tries to jump up but always falls back to the floor with a thud.

We had just gone to bed one night when I heard him jumping onto his chair; fall off with a thud and then silence. He just laid there for several seconds before getting up and getting onto the bed. It was as if he had to lie there and ask himself if what just happened really happened.

It’s the same as when he jumps off the bed and tries to fly: he just goes “splat.” It takes him a second or two before he gets up and moves. He lacks grace and brains but he’s a fun dog to have. He certainly makes us laugh.