Mar. 25, 2017

A Visit to the Vet

We took our dogs in for the annual vet visit. Since they love going for walks, riding in the car and visiting people they were so excited and smiling the whole time

Charlie weighed 40lbs while Bianca weighed 50. I remember they were so thin when we first got them. He’s gained 12lbs and she has gained 14lbs. So I asked the vet if they were overweight.

“She’s not,” he said and reached down to the side of Bianca. “When you can feel their ribs and their tail bone is the highest point of their body, they’re not overweight so she’s doing well.”

“I know Charlie is overweight. He eats all of her food,” I exclaimed. “When he’s done eating he goes and finishes hers too.”

He nodded and reached down to Charlie. “See? You can’t feel anything on him. Some beagles are squirrely, but him …” he said pointing to my beagle, “He won’t run unless he’s being chased.”

Boy, does he have Charlie pegged!