Jul. 22, 2019

Charlie & the Turtle

When my son was small, instead of picking me flowers on his way home from school, he would bring me home rocks that he found interesting. I wouldn’t throw them away, either, because to me it was his way of saying he was thinking about me. As a result, we started to get quite a pile up.

At first, we put a box out on the front step for his collection. When that filled up, my husband and I decided on a rock garden around the oak tree. It’s been there ever since. Just recently, we decided to spruce it up and decorate the garden and while at a yard sale, we bought a cute little turtle statue.

My dog, a beagle, is a mighty hunter. He spotted the new animal pal around the oak tree and he let him know who was running the place. We know this because we heard his “wounded seal” bark and looked. He was standing there by the tree barking at the ceramic turtle. You can’t get anything past him!