Aug. 10, 2019

The Notepad

My granddaughter loves to tease the dogs. She finds it hilarious that they jump through hoops for her. She calls my bigger one “Yanka,” instead of “Bianca.” In her defense, she’s only 2 ½ years old.

She will grab Yanka’s squeaky toy and throw it then giggle and squeal as she tears off to go get her toy back. Eventually, my granddaughter will toss it into a container where “Yanka” can’t find it. She finds this terribly amusing as the dog searches for her squeaky toy. She will laugh so hard, she almost topples over.

One afternoon, she was sitting on my desk eating some of my Tostitios®. The dogs ventured over to beg for a few crumbs. Noting that they were sitting there waiting for her to drop something (she’s a smart child), she picked up my notepad and tore off a stack and threw it down to Charlie.

With her fingers covered in the scent of the Tostitos® now transferred to the paper, the dog attacked the notepad. She giggled and laughed so hard that she almost fell off the desk so, she threw the other half of the stack of post-its to the dog. He not being much brighter than a box of rocks, attacked that too.

As you can see from the picture posted – they had a grand time that day. However, the picture does not capture the true look of the notepad mauling. For what it’s worth, she has a wonderful sense of humor that matches my own.