Stories about eBay & selling

Aug. 12, 2017

I had a Halloween costume listed in the form of foam padded bacon and eggs. The buyer contacted me and asked if I would take about $4 off the original price ($22) which I did. We sent the package out the same day.

Three days later, she contacts me again and says we sent the wrong size. We check and sure enough, we sent the wrong size. I went back to her and said, “Open a return request so that we can send you a pre-paid label. Once we receive the item back, we’ll send the correct one to you.”

Several days later, I realized I have not heard from her so I sent her another message reiterating my previous one. I explained that she would not be responsible for the cost of the return; I’ll take care of that as we were the ones who made the mistake.

Her reply: “I’d like to keep this one and buy the other one, too. Since YOU made the mistake of sending me the wrong size in the first place, how about you refund me $6, I’ll keep this one and buy the other one for $18.”

Let’s recap. I took $4 off the first one, she wants the second one for the same price, and she wants me to pay her $6 to keep the first costume. This just goes to show how people try to get something for nothing. I gave her an inch and she’s trying to take all the miles.

I declined her generous offer of allowing me to pay her $6 to keep the costume and dropping the price of the other one. I haven’t heard from her since. 

Mar. 21, 2017

I recently had a customer, Breath Sounds, ask me about a pair of boots. Here’s an idea of our emails over the course of several hours. The boots are $14.99 and the shipping for this 3lb. item is $9.99 ($25 total).

BS: “Do they have pin holes in the boot?”

Me: (LOL’ing) “The only way to tell that would be for me to submerge them in water to find out unless you have another definition.”

She explains what she means by pinholes and I comment about how that was a new one for me and I was going to add that to my blog.

BS: “Well, since you’re going to give me a line in your book, can you reduce the price of the boots for me?”

Me: “What book? I said blog. I will reduce it for you a couple of dollars but that’s about it. I am not on here selling just to clean out my house - I do this for a living.”

Many people just assume I’m selling an old pair of boots and not that I have an actual eBay store.

BS: “How much?”

Me: “I said a couple of dollars.”

BS: “What about the shipping?”

Me: “Okay. Instead of taking some off the cost, I will reduce the shipping by $2 but I will NOT reduce both. Let me be very clear on this so we understand each other: I will NOT reduce shipping AND the cost. If you purchase these then let me invoice you before you pay though so it will reflect the reduction.”

BS: “Fix it now and I’ll purchase it.”

Me: “No. I will fix it after purchase.”

BS: “Fix it now so I can go finish what I need to do; otherwise I will buy them from someone else.”

Me: “No. I have done that in the past and have had customers steal the deal right out from under the intended buyer so, no.”

BS: “Can’t you take off more? They’re for my grandson and I really want him to have them lol.”

Me: “These are a $50 pair of boots in mint condition, hardly worn. The only way you know they’ve been worn is by the heel of the right boot. I’ve already agreed to reduce it by $2 and you’re still asking for more?”

BS: “Well, it’s not like $2 is a lot of money for anyone. lol.”

At this point, I’m really turned off by this woman’s arrogance and greed.

Me: “You know, for some, that $2 is a loaf of bread. Its dinner for a few days of peanut butter sandwiches so while it doesn’t mean anything to you it means something to someone else. If you don’t want the deal then fine, but I’m tired of going back and forth so either get them or don’t.”

BS: “Okay, I’ll get them. You have them on auction. You said you would cancel the auction for me and just let me pay you for the boots.”

Me: “LOL! I never said that, not one time did I ever say I would end the auction for you. However, I will add a buy it now for you so you can get them now if you want but I did not say I would end an auction.”

BS: “Okay, fine. Do that then.”

Me: “Just so we are very clear about this: you do understand that I am NOT going to take $2 off the cost AND off the shipping. It’s one or the other, right?”

BS: “Yes, I understand.”

On a hunch, I set them up as a buy it now as a total price so she cannot split hairs over where the $2 reduction came from. And, even though we agreed it would be only $2, I did reduce it by $3, instead, thereby making the total price $22 from the original $25.

Me: “Okay, here is the item number (I include the number in the email) – put that in your browser and they will come up, then you can buy them outright.”

BS: “You made it all one price!”

Me: “Yes, I did – it makes it simpler for you.”

“BS: “Well you said you would take $2 off the shipping cost so instead of $22, shouldn’t it be $19.99? lol”

I was completely sickened by this woman’s greed. These boots are literally $50 on Amazon and about $40-50 on eBay. I was selling them total cost of $25 (half of the going rate). I even reduced the price by $3 for her and she is STILL not satisfied and trying to nickel and dime me to death! I was so upset with this woman and her greed. It truly made me ill.

Me: “I do not need your money that bad. Do not contact me again. I have blocked you from bidding. I do not need you to badger me. I am very upset about this. Go away. Any further communication from you will also be deleted.”

Three days later, eBay notifies me of mail. Without looking at who sent it, I read it and realize its Breath Sounds again. “I’m sorry. I misunderstood. If you’ll let me, I’ll buy them from you at the original price.”

I ignored her and trashed the email. The boots later sold for the $25 asking price. I just cannot tolerate greedy people.

Mar. 21, 2017

Everyone is looking for something for nothing. Every time someone asks me to reduce prices, I start humming Raspberry Beret by Prince. I have people ask me to reduce shipping a lot. Some are even brazen enough to ask for free shipping.

I had someone ask me if I would send one of my dolls to her with free shipping. I charged $12 for shipping because to send the doll to the west coast, IE; to send to California/Washington State, it would cost about $12-14. To send to Texas, Kansas or near the west coast, is $10-12.

She wants it FREE so I asked where she lived: “Texas.”

I told her I would drop it down to $10 for her and explained why. I haven't heard from her again. However, her sob story was that the doll she bought before arrived broken and she really, really loves him!

So I am supposed to pay for someone else’s damaged item?

Two hours later another woman asked me to send a puzzle for the “exact amount” of shipping. The exact amount would be $8.84 but with handling fees, its $9.84, but I was charging $6.99 trying to give customers a break. The packaging and materials are certainly not free for me but many customers expect them to be free for them. This drives me crazy!

The puzzle lady’s sob story was: “This is a gift for my mother who is 94 years old and she really loves doing puzzles since she has nothing else to do with her time.”

I have an idea! How about smack your daughter for asking for free things from people who are trying to eke out an existence themselves?

Mar. 21, 2017

It is no secret where I stand on this year's election (2016). One only needs to look at my posts to figure it out. Having said that: Someone named Annonymous1 is mad at me for all my "Trump posts." He/she called me a racist bitch citing that black lives matter and white lives do not. Then said, and I quote, "I'm sending all your racist posts to your boss. Have fun looking for another job."

(Blink, blink) When did I go back to work?

I asked if he/she needed the name of my employer and address or did he/she already have that information. I'm awaiting a reply.

Mar. 21, 2017

I received an email one morning from someone interested in some scrub tops I had listed. Both of them featured animal prints, cats to be exact. One was green, the other red. Both were also a size medium top. I did have one other top listed, but it was a winter or Christmas top and it was an XL. This is the correspondence throughout the day.

Kitty: “I was interested in both of your scrub tops, do you combine shipping?”

Me: “Yes, I will combine shipping for you.”

Kitty: “Are these the only two tops you have?”

Me: “I have over 800 items listed right now so I really have no way of knowing which “two tops,” you’re talking about or even looking at. Without more information, I would not be able to answer correctly.”

Kitty: “Well, it shows a third top, it has penguins on it.”

Me (I stop what I’m doing and go look up which shirts I do and do not have listed): “Yes, that is a Christmas top. The other two I see listed are for any occasion.”

Kitty: “Are these the only two colors you have?”

Me: “Yes, the green and the red.”

Kitty: “Do you have any in medium in the Christmas top?”

Me: “No, I only have one XL Penguins, and 2 medium cats.”

Kitty: “I was looking for some more colors. Can you check and see if you have any more in different colors?”

Me: “I have one red with cats, one green with cats, both are size medium. I have one XL Penguins and that is for Christmas. I have no other tops.”

Kitty: “So is this one and the other cats’ one still available?”

Me: “If you can send emails through any listing, then the item is still available.”

It seems she just could not grasp what I was saying. We went around-and-around about this until I finally decided that she was not the brightest scrub top on the hanger. In the end, she bought the two tops and was satisfied with her purchases.