Mar. 21, 2017

Seller Beware!

Being a seller on eBay means I have to deal with some rather unsavory characters at times. I often feel that many people think just because we’re not face-to-face, or we’re over a computer, they can take advantage of the sellers in any way possible. Other times I think some of the buyers are just not the sharpest tool in the shed. I think both was the case with Kasey Buyer (I won‘t use her real last name), a customer who purchased a child’s Halloween costume.

The title of the item was something along the lines of - “Halloween Costume, New W/Tags, Size 4-6 Toddler.” The inside description explained that although the picture shows a costume with a 10-12 tag, I had two different sizes and I used the same picture for both listings, one was a small (4-6), the other a large (10-12).

After sending this costume with “free shipping,” the buyer, Kasey Buyer, contacted me via eBay email, several times, and this is pretty much how our conversations went over the course of a week.

KB: “I received the costume today however; it’s not the correct size. This is a large 10-12 and I ordered the small one size 4-6.”

Me: “Let me check when my husband gets home and ask him what he sent. I can’t reach the costumes so I will need to wait on him.”

KB: “Oh, I can send you a picture of what I received so you can see it is a large and not a small.”

Me: “Okay, please send. I only ask because I had two costumes; one was a large, one was a small.”

KB: “Well, even in the listing picture it says large 10-12 but you listed it as a small 4-6.”

Me: “If you read the body of the description, you can see where I explained I had two costumes, one small, one large and I used the same picture for both listings.”

By this time, my husband is home and he checks. He tells me, “I sent the small, just like she ordered.”

“Are you sure?” I asked for clarification. “She swears she has the large.”

“No she does not,” he says adamantly. “I know for a fact I sent the small because when I was pulling it I noticed two different sizes and I had to double check to see what size she wanted, then I pulled the small and shipped that to her.”

He shows me the physical costume; it’s a large, meaning we did, in fact, send the small. Instead of arguing with her, I just told her to send it back and I’ll refund her money to her.

KB: “You’re going to refund all of my money? Including the shipping cost?”

Me: “You paid $16.00 for the costume, there was no shipping fee.”

KB: “I mean the cost of me sending it back to you.”

Me: “No. The return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer per eBay’s policy as well as my own.”

KB: “That’s not fair! You sent the wrong size! You will reimburse me for the cost of my shipping!”

(We go back and forth about this in about four emails each)

First, I know I did not send the wrong size. I have the physical costume of the size she is claiming I sent. Second, when a seller lists an item, at the very bottom of the listing template eBay has a “return policy” button. The seller clicks on it and is given different choices, none of which include shipping is the seller’s responsibility. Try as I might, I cannot get this through to Kasey. She just doesn’t seem to get it.

KB: “It says right here in eBay’s rules that if it’s the seller’s fault, the seller has to pay the shipping cost back.”

Me: “I cannot refund you what you did not pay. Just send it back and I will gladly refund all of your monies that you did pay.”

KB: “I called eBay and they said you have to refund me my shipping costs too! You better do it or else!”

Me: “Listen lady, I’m not going to keep going back and forth with you. Either you send it back or you keep it. If you send it back, I’ll refund you. If you don’t, I won’t. It’s that simple.”

KB: “I’m putting it in the mail tomorrow and you better refund me the money I spent to send it back to you too!”

I received the costume back and it was a small 4-6; exactly what she ordered. Why did she lie about the size and then send it back to me proving herself a liar? That didn’t make any sense. I went ahead and refunded her $16.00. I did not send her the additional money she was demanding and over which had threatened me.