Mar. 21, 2017

eBay's Feedback

We had a situation one time where I listed a pair of Billa Bong surfer shorts. They’d been hanging in the closet and I couldn’t be sure if they’d ever been worn. Since the price tags were removed, I washed them (just in case) and then listed them on eBay’s fine site. These shorts that normally run $30-40 sold for $10.

A week after I mailed them off, the buyer, JB_Flyer, emailed me about them. We kind of went back and forth a couple of times and here’s the gist of the conversation:

This is JB’s initial email to me (verbatim) that started the ball rolling: “Food stains, pet stains. Do you want my feedback now or are you going to send me a pre-paid label so I can return these?”

I did not like his attitude that my innocent monitor screen was being subjected to. Having dealt with eBay customers for quite some time now, I know when people buy clothes and they don’t fit, they often try to find fault with the seller in order to send them back on the seller’s dime. This is why I tell people, if you send them back, it’s your responsibility to pay the return shipping fee.

Although I wanted to say, “It’s not my fault your fat ass can’t fit into them. Maybe if you put down that Ho-Ho instead of letting the crème center plop down on you we would not be having this conversation.” That’s what I wanted to say. Instead, I said this:

Me: “I’m sorry. I had just washed them prior to listing so I’m a little confused as to how food stains got on them.”

JB: “I don’t give a damn about your confusion. It’s not my problem that you’re inept. Now send me a pre-paid label or I open a case against you.”

Me (after a couple of his hate emails): “I was trying to be polite instead of saying it was your sloppy eating habits that put the food stains on them because I had, in fact, just washed them; they were clean! Also, when you clicked the bid button, you agreed to MY TERMS (I cut and pasted my policy that is in the body of the description to him). You also agreed to eBay’s return policy (I included a copy and paste of eBay’s policy, as well) so, if you want to return them, it is your dime!

JB: “Fine! Case opened, feedback on its way!”

The next thing I knew, I had positive feedback. I know what happened. He was so mad that he forgot to click “Negative Feedback,” and just left a sour comment “Cranky Hag is NOT as described! Beware! Beware!”

I said, “Okay, thank you! I can live with that.” At least, I said that to myself.

He did open a case on me and demanded to eBay, “I want my return shipping fees included in the refund!”

I sent an automatic response (since eBay insisted I respond) that said he would receive a refund once the item was returned. I did not say anything else to him.

He responded back, “I don’t want some damn automated response! I demand that eBay make her refund me for these shorts that are covered in food stains! If not, I will escalate the case and get a real response!”

(Now they’re “covered” in food stains)

Before I could respond, he escalated the case. At which time, eBay sent them their own automated response telling him he had “X” amount of days to provide a tracking number and would receive a refund of $10 when the item was received. Meaning, he wasn’t getting any extra money. He hasn’t sent anything back and well, suffice to say, my monitor screen is smoking. I literally had to block him because he was so volatile.

Think about it: if it really were just a matter of food stains, he could have contacted me, told me the problem, and washed them again himself. I would have given him a partial refund. Instead, he was belligerent, demanding, and saying they were dirty. All the more reason I’m inclined to believe, they just didn’t fit and he was trying to force me into paying extra money to send them back. Now he’s mad because his plan of deceit didn’t work.