Mar. 21, 2017

Mini Skirts

A fellow eBay seller had an experience with a buyer. It was so funny, I asked her to let me add her experience to my eBay blog. Apparently, she was selling a mini dress and a potential customer emailed her with a question/comment. This is the conversation they had.

EBay member: It is quite lovely, but - as your model is 5'8" and it is to her knees - this is no mini dress.

Me: I guess it depends if someone is 6' or 5' and what they consider a mini.

EBay member: “It is pretty simple, a mini dress is short. It is certainly above the knees, and generally WELL above the knees. If this is knee-length on a moderately tall girl, then certainly it will be even longer on a 5' girl, and in neither case is mini an apt description.”

The basic point of using a descriptive term is so that everyone understands the same thing when we (seller) use it. If you say something is orange, we know what color that is; if you say something is oval, we know it is not round; if you describe something as silk, we understand that it is not cotton or polyester or rayon or wool.

Me: “Do you actually have a question or are you just the mini dress police?”

-Michelle Walters Seibold