Mar. 21, 2017

Scrub Tops

I received an email one morning from someone interested in some scrub tops I had listed. Both of them featured animal prints, cats to be exact. One was green, the other red. Both were also a size medium top. I did have one other top listed, but it was a winter or Christmas top and it was an XL. This is the correspondence throughout the day.

Kitty: “I was interested in both of your scrub tops, do you combine shipping?”

Me: “Yes, I will combine shipping for you.”

Kitty: “Are these the only two tops you have?”

Me: “I have over 800 items listed right now so I really have no way of knowing which “two tops,” you’re talking about or even looking at. Without more information, I would not be able to answer correctly.”

Kitty: “Well, it shows a third top, it has penguins on it.”

Me (I stop what I’m doing and go look up which shirts I do and do not have listed): “Yes, that is a Christmas top. The other two I see listed are for any occasion.”

Kitty: “Are these the only two colors you have?”

Me: “Yes, the green and the red.”

Kitty: “Do you have any in medium in the Christmas top?”

Me: “No, I only have one XL Penguins, and 2 medium cats.”

Kitty: “I was looking for some more colors. Can you check and see if you have any more in different colors?”

Me: “I have one red with cats, one green with cats, both are size medium. I have one XL Penguins and that is for Christmas. I have no other tops.”

Kitty: “So is this one and the other cats’ one still available?”

Me: “If you can send emails through any listing, then the item is still available.”

It seems she just could not grasp what I was saying. We went around-and-around about this until I finally decided that she was not the brightest scrub top on the hanger. In the end, she bought the two tops and was satisfied with her purchases.