Mar. 21, 2017

Something For Nothing

Everyone is looking for something for nothing. Every time someone asks me to reduce prices, I start humming Raspberry Beret by Prince. I have people ask me to reduce shipping a lot. Some are even brazen enough to ask for free shipping.

I had someone ask me if I would send one of my dolls to her with free shipping. I charged $12 for shipping because to send the doll to the west coast, IE; to send to California/Washington State, it would cost about $12-14. To send to Texas, Kansas or near the west coast, is $10-12.

She wants it FREE so I asked where she lived: “Texas.”

I told her I would drop it down to $10 for her and explained why. I haven't heard from her again. However, her sob story was that the doll she bought before arrived broken and she really, really loves him!

So I am supposed to pay for someone else’s damaged item?

Two hours later another woman asked me to send a puzzle for the “exact amount” of shipping. The exact amount would be $8.84 but with handling fees, its $9.84, but I was charging $6.99 trying to give customers a break. The packaging and materials are certainly not free for me but many customers expect them to be free for them. This drives me crazy!

The puzzle lady’s sob story was: “This is a gift for my mother who is 94 years old and she really loves doing puzzles since she has nothing else to do with her time.”

I have an idea! How about smack your daughter for asking for free things from people who are trying to eke out an existence themselves?