Aug. 12, 2017

Bacon & Eggs

I had a Halloween costume listed in the form of foam padded bacon and eggs. The buyer contacted me and asked if I would take about $4 off the original price ($22) which I did. We sent the package out the same day.

Three days later, she contacts me again and says we sent the wrong size. We check and sure enough, we sent the wrong size. I went back to her and said, “Open a return request so that we can send you a pre-paid label. Once we receive the item back, we’ll send the correct one to you.”

Several days later, I realized I have not heard from her so I sent her another message reiterating my previous one. I explained that she would not be responsible for the cost of the return; I’ll take care of that as we were the ones who made the mistake.

Her reply: “I’d like to keep this one and buy the other one, too. Since YOU made the mistake of sending me the wrong size in the first place, how about you refund me $6, I’ll keep this one and buy the other one for $18.”

Let’s recap. I took $4 off the first one, she wants the second one for the same price, and she wants me to pay her $6 to keep the first costume. This just goes to show how people try to get something for nothing. I gave her an inch and she’s trying to take all the miles.

I declined her generous offer of allowing me to pay her $6 to keep the costume and dropping the price of the other one. I haven’t heard from her since.