Dec. 14, 2018

Refrigerant cooling Kit

My son-in-law asked me to sell a refrigerant cooling kit on eBay. I listed it for $200 plus the shipping of $16. It sold almost immediately. Why shouldn’t it, they run upwards of $400.

The person opened a case on me and said she never received the package. The tracking shows she received it the day before. I emailed and asked her about it, but she ignored my emails. EBay closed the case because it shows delivery.

Then she went to Pay Pal and filed over there saying the package was damaged in the mail. She refused to send it back and Pay Pal took the money out of my account and gave it back to her.

I called Pay Pal screaming! This is what they had to say:

PP: “Yes, we see by the tracking it was delivered, but she’s complaining it was damaged and wants her money back.

Me: Then have her return the item and I will refund her. She cannot have the item and the money.

PP: We understand however, if her credit card company says she doesn’t have to return it, we cannot force her. They will take the money from us and since it was your customer, we have to take it from your account.

Me: But I do not accept any payment but Pay Pal, so if you let her use a credit card then its on you, not me.

PP: We do allow our customers to use their credit cards and whenever you signed up for Pay Pal, you were informed that if the companies dispute a claim or remove their funds, then we obtain our money from the seller.

There was nothing I could do. In my opinion, they (Pay Pal) stole $216 from me. I am very adamant that I do not accept credit card payments and if they choose to, that’s fine, but they should not punish anyone for their bad decisions. They should just suck it up like they tell their customers to do.

For those that deal with Pay Pal, beware, they have some unsavory practices.