Jan. 7, 2021


We bought three smart phones off eBay since they were $100 less (each) than for what Verizon was selling them. The seller said they would be compatible... well, they weren't. We even took them to the store and checked and they were not compatible.

I requested to send them back and be refunded. The seller argued with us for a couple of days until I finally had to get eBay involved. Then he emails me and says, “If you want to return them, you just had to let us know about the return.”

I guess my five emails to him letting him know we wanted to return them, where do we return them to, and we wanted a refund was not enough information for him to figure out that we wanted to return them.

We also bought phone cases for them so they’d be nice and fancy (I got the US Flag cover). Since they were not going to fit the new phones we had to order in replacement of the previous ones, I requested a return on all of the phone cases, as well.

The seller asks that we send all of the cases back together in one package instead of opening three separate returns and he even sent us a pre-paid label for them. We sent them back the next day.

Three days later, I noticed we got a refund for the cases – for ONE case, not all three. I emailed and asked him what he was playing at, we did as he asked and he’s only refunded one case. I reminded him that was illegal and theft.

He emailed me back and asked what I was playing at because he had just gotten the package and refunded me appropriately.

I called eBay who checked and saw his email instructing us to send back all of the cases and then sent a pre-paid label. EBay has since refunded me for all three cases, however, now I've been refunded for four instead of three. Now, I have to call eBay again and have them straighten this out.

The moral is: Be sure of what you're getting, from who you’re getting, and not just because the price is right when shopping on the internet.