Stories about eBay & selling

Mar. 21, 2017

It is no secret where I stand on this year's election (2016). One only needs to look at my posts to figure it out. Having said that: Someone named Annonymous1 is mad at me for all my "Trump posts." He/she called me a racist bitch citing that black lives matter and white lives do not. Then said, and I quote, "I'm sending all your racist posts to your boss. Have fun looking for another job."

(Blink, blink) When did I go back to work?

I asked if he/she needed the name of my employer and address or did he/she already have that information. I'm awaiting a reply.

Mar. 21, 2017

I received an email one morning from someone interested in some scrub tops I had listed. Both of them featured animal prints, cats to be exact. One was green, the other red. Both were also a size medium top. I did have one other top listed, but it was a winter or Christmas top and it was an XL. This is the correspondence throughout the day.

Kitty: “I was interested in both of your scrub tops, do you combine shipping?”

Me: “Yes, I will combine shipping for you.”

Kitty: “Are these the only two tops you have?”

Me: “I have over 800 items listed right now so I really have no way of knowing which “two tops,” you’re talking about or even looking at. Without more information, I would not be able to answer correctly.”

Kitty: “Well, it shows a third top, it has penguins on it.”

Me (I stop what I’m doing and go look up which shirts I do and do not have listed): “Yes, that is a Christmas top. The other two I see listed are for any occasion.”

Kitty: “Are these the only two colors you have?”

Me: “Yes, the green and the red.”

Kitty: “Do you have any in medium in the Christmas top?”

Me: “No, I only have one XL Penguins, and 2 medium cats.”

Kitty: “I was looking for some more colors. Can you check and see if you have any more in different colors?”

Me: “I have one red with cats, one green with cats, both are size medium. I have one XL Penguins and that is for Christmas. I have no other tops.”

Kitty: “So is this one and the other cats’ one still available?”

Me: “If you can send emails through any listing, then the item is still available.”

It seems she just could not grasp what I was saying. We went around-and-around about this until I finally decided that she was not the brightest scrub top on the hanger. In the end, she bought the two tops and was satisfied with her purchases.

Mar. 21, 2017

I had a buyer from Germany who bought a pair of shoes and paid for them. When I attempted to send the shoes, her address kept coming up “invalid,” meaning it did not exist. It was because she had a street address with one number and six words where the city would be, in addition to no state and no zip code. The system would not allow me to print the label because of the “invalid” status of her address.

I emailed her explaining the situation and asked her to fix it as I do not speak German and could not possibly do it for her manually. After no response for two days, I emailed again. This time she responded back that the address was fine, just send the item and if I had further problems, hand write the address, and gave me her address, which was the same as above.

According to eBay, there would be no coverage under their protection if the package got lost because I had changed the address, not her. Normally, I wouldn’t care. However, what would normally cost $8 to send in the US will cost $24 to send to Germany so no, I wasn’t tampering with it.

A third email goes out as I explain the system is not letting me print the label and that she needs to fix her address first. She ignores it and I called eBay. They said she was being uncooperative and to cancel the order and refund her which I did. I relisted them two days later and within ten minutes she bid on them, again.

I emailed her and told her, “If you don’t fix your address, we’re just going to have a repeat of what just happened so fix it before we get to that point,” and I ended it with “God bless you and yours.”

She wrote me back and said, “The address is fine, just send it here and God never does anything.”

It was obvious to me she wasn’t going to change her address so I canceled her bid and blocked her from bidding on anything else.

She emailed me and said, “I want the shoes! Send them to this address.”

I replied back, “No. Not until you fix your address. Even eBay says it’s invalid and you need to fix it. Why don’t you go look at your address information and see what I’m talking about instead of ignoring the problem.”

“No one else has a problem and I buy things online all the time. Just send them here and quit arguing about it.”

“No,” I replied.

I figured “no one else” pertained to many people in Germany who can read and write the language thereby being able to fix what looks right to them. For instance, I would know that Generic Avenue does not go where the city name should be.

There are a lot of uten, guten, and futens, in German and I have no clue what they mean, so again, I wasn’t touching anything. I was tired of trying to explain the problem to her. She refused even to check her address information and just assumed she was right and I was wrong.

The following day, I get a notice in Pay Pal that she sent me $40.00 followed with an email that said, “Send them!”

I called Pay Pal and told them to refund the money. I explained what was going on. They, too, checked her address and said, “I don’t know how she’s getting anything at all because that address shows as invalid.”

She did a follow up email demanding I send her the shoes. She didn’t even realize I had refunded her so I replied back, “No. I’m not sending you anything. I’ve refunded your money and I’ve blocked you from bidding on any of my items.”

She replies back, “Why? What did I ever do to you?”

At this point, I’m guessing she’s not currently married because I feel sure that her husband would have throttled her by now. At least, that was how I was feeling at the moment.

I sent back, “Because you do not listen to others and you think you’re always right. If you would stop and pay attention to someone else for once, you’d realize you are wrong in this instance and you’d see why I cannot possibly send these to you. FIX YOUR ADDRESS!!!! TRY LISTENING TO SOMEONE ELSE FOR A CHANGE!” I signed it, Thank you, God bless you and yours, and have a nice life!

She replied back, “I am not wrong, you are wrong and you’re an asshole! BTW, God does not exist!”

After anointing my computer with holy water, I deleted all of her hate mail and I refuse to respond to her now. Hopefully, she will eventually learn two important things: 1-God does so exist and 2-fix your address!

Mar. 21, 2017

A fellow eBay seller had an experience with a buyer. It was so funny, I asked her to let me add her experience to my eBay blog. Apparently, she was selling a mini dress and a potential customer emailed her with a question/comment. This is the conversation they had.

EBay member: It is quite lovely, but - as your model is 5'8" and it is to her knees - this is no mini dress.

Me: I guess it depends if someone is 6' or 5' and what they consider a mini.

EBay member: “It is pretty simple, a mini dress is short. It is certainly above the knees, and generally WELL above the knees. If this is knee-length on a moderately tall girl, then certainly it will be even longer on a 5' girl, and in neither case is mini an apt description.”

The basic point of using a descriptive term is so that everyone understands the same thing when we (seller) use it. If you say something is orange, we know what color that is; if you say something is oval, we know it is not round; if you describe something as silk, we understand that it is not cotton or polyester or rayon or wool.

Me: “Do you actually have a question or are you just the mini dress police?”

-Michelle Walters Seibold

Mar. 21, 2017

I am convinced that eBay has no shortage of crazy people. Sometimes I sit back and reflect on things and just laugh. They are nuts. There are many times I just want to say, “Who let you in here?”

My husband takes care of the shipping. Once an item is paid for and needs to be mailed, he gets everything pulled out, weighed, packaged and sent. So when a woman bought a yellow shirt for 99 cents with 4.99 shipping, he did as most men would do, sent the wrong thing. He sent the woman a matching dress instead of the shirt.

My first encounter with this woman, whom I will label as CP for crazy person, came with an email that said, “I opened my package and was surprised to find I had a dress, not a shirt.”

At which time, I replied back, “You’re surprised? You should see my face right about now.”

I asked her to send it back and I would refund her the shipping for it. She did and that’s when the problem started. It cost $3.50 actual shipping cost to send it so, I refunded her $3.50 before she even sent the package thinking, a sane person would send it back at the same cost.

CP: “Why did you only refund $3.50. I paid $4.99 shipping. That’s not fair! It doesn’t cost $5.00 to send something.”

Well, actually, it does. First and foremost, eBay wants “their pound of flesh,” as I’ve come to call it. The cost of shipping was $3.50, the package to send it in was about $1, plus eBay’s claim, and let’s not forget, my time, the cost of packaging supplies such as ink, paper, etc. and so on, hence the term “handling fees.” It roughly comes up to $5.00, give or take a few cents. I explained all of this to her as I felt, being the customer, she had a right to know how her money was spent.

CP: “Well, I had to use my time, my ink, paper, etc. too. I should be compensated and refunded! Now I know why they call you Slick. Back to you!”

Me: “Fine, no problem. I’m just going to refund all your money and won’t worry about it (I sent an immediate refund for the whole $5.98).”

CP: “No, you need to worry about it. You can refund me the rest and plus, it cost me $7.89 to send it back (at this point, she had mailed it back and provided me a tracking number). I want the rest too, as you promised or else you will not like what I do next, Slick. Back to you!”

I had to call the post office to find out why in the hell was it almost $8. She sent it priority mail, instead of first class and added insurance to the package for a 99-cent item.

Me: “I refunded you all of your money. I am not going to give you more than you paid for it.”

CP: “Oh, yes, you will, Slick! You said you would pay the return shipping and you will or else you won’t like what I do next. Back to you!”

Me: “Funny how you seem to know the name my online friends call me as that is not my eBay handle. Only friends know that name and if you were truly a friend, you would have known you did not have to pay for the shirt in the first place, I would have gladly given it to you. Having said that, I know you’re not a friend.”

CP: “It’s part of your email address, isn’t it? Are you sending me the extra shipping fee or not?”

My email is not listed with my eBay name - it’s a separate address altogether so, how she knew it is beyond me, thus proving she must really be nuts to seek out that information. Even eBay confirmed my email address is hidden from customers.

Me: “Fine, I’ll send you another $3.50 to make you happy.”

CP: “No, you’ll send me $8 to make me happy or else. “Back to you!”

I called eBay. They read the emails and said, “Do not send her another dime with emphasis on ‘do not.’ This is buyer abuse and extortion.”

Two days later, CP: “Well, I’m waiting, are you paying me or not?”

Me: “No, I called eBay and they advised me not to.”

A case opened on me and she was requesting more money. They (eBay) closed the case almost immediately and told her since she’d already received a full refund there was nothing else I could give her.

She called Pay Pal and reported me, demanding $8. Pay Pal called me and asked what was going on with this fruitcake from hell before they suspended my account pending an investigation. I explained to them the situation and eBay’s instructions not to give her any more money (in case no one knows, Pay Pal is owned by eBay).

“Think about it,” I said to Pay Pal, “Why on Earth would I pay $8 shipping on something she paid less than $6 for; 99 cents for the item and 4.99 shipping fee?” They sided with me and closed the case.

Next, she left me negative feedback using my private email address that friends and family know saying, “Don’t trust her! (Email name) lives up to her name!!”

I called eBay and said, “Listen, per eBay’s policy, you do not allow for feedback extortion and you’ve already told me she was extorting from me and abusive. These were your words! Second, she put my personal information in the comments.”

EBay: “I will remove the comment because she did use personal information but I cannot remove the feedback.”

I thought about that and it really made me mad. After all I had to go through with this girl, even though I giggled most of the way through it, I felt like I was being punished because of her craziness. I called them back.

EBay: “I will remove the feedback but it will take a week to process it.”

Me: “Uhm, that’s a lie. It is instant. I’ve had feedback removed before and it was right away.”

EBay: “Ma’am, I am telling you it will take a week. They changed the system and now it takes at least a week because they have to investigate why I am requesting to have it removed.”

I thought about that, too, and decided I didn’t like being lied to. Not only (according to eBay) was I being abused by a customer, extorted from, now, I was being lied to by the very people who were supposed to provide me with “seller protection.” I called back.

After explaining my problem to “Rick,” my customer service representative, he said, “She said what? It does not take a week (laughing). This is over a computer - it is like, immediate (more laughing). Hold please, let me review the conversation.”

He put me on hold for several minutes and came back. He wasn’t laughing anymore. He seemed irked.

“What happened?” I asked.

“I reported her and I just sent the report to my supervisor. That is not allowed. And, Ma’am, if you will look, you will see I did remove the feedback for you. Please refresh your page.”

I looked. The negative feedback was gone. Back to you CP!