An Angel Named Susan

Where do I start? Do I start with the memories or the pain I was in?

I thought I was dying and I’d never see my family again.

I held my stomach to splint it because I was in such agony

 As the remainder of dinner came up and out of me.


I was filled with infection beyond belief,

 My wounds oozed gunk without relief.

I cried and closed my eyes so tight

And prayed to ask God to show me the light.


I opened my eyes when what did appear?

An angel from heaven standing so near.

The room itself was filled with an illuminating light

And the angel was standing there, off to my right.


The light was so bright and should have hurt my eyes

Instead, it held no color in the room it belies.

Although she spoke without words I heard her so clear.

I spoke to her freely without any fear.


“My name is Carrie, and I’m here to help,”

 She held my bucket since I couldn’t do it myself.

She had no wings or no halo like in the fable.

 She stood firmly next to me keeping me stable.


Carrie did not say who she was, I knew from the start

 That she had come from above. God heard my heart.

I reached up and gave my arms a hard pinch

 As I said, we spoke, but our lips moved not one inch.


The next angel to come was a man with long hair.

 It came to his shoulders and stopped right there.

He said his name was Roger and he was there to help,

 Since I was so sick and couldn’t do it myself.


He held my bucket right up to my chin

 Until I finished putting all of my dinner in.

Then he left with a huge smile on his face

 And I knew he was sent to my by Grace.


The rest of the week, the angels would come and go.

 Every time I needed them, they were sure to show.

Each time the room would fill with that luminous light

 That should have, by all means, blinded my sight.


Everyone would take the bucket off the shelf

 And hold it for me 'cause I couldn’t do it myself

The last angel to come was an angel named Susan.

 I asked if she were the boss and she thought that amusin’.


She chuckled and said “If that’s what you want to say?

 I am over the others in a hierarchy kind of way.”

Again without words or halo’s and wings,

 We spoke about the angels and other things.


Finally, she said as she patted my back,

 “You’re going to be just fine. You’re on the right track.

I’m here to tell you, you won't see us anymore.

 We’re through here, for now, once you go through that door.”


“I’m going to live?” I asked with relief in my sigh,

 “Yes, you’ll live,” She said, chuckling her reply.

 As I went through the door I knew she didn’t lie,

 All my help had left and had said good-bye.


 My wounds did heal but I never forgot

 All the angles that came, and there were a lot.

Lord, thank you for listening and hearing my cry,

 And sending your angels so I wouldn’t die.


I know you ask “Don’t publish my work.”

 Those nonbelievers, they always smirk

How can I not when my experience was so glorious

 To see the angels, their love so aurous?


I know right now from the swelling in my heart

 That God has been there for me right from the start.

God is real and He is with us every day,

 You only need to stop and pray.


God loves us all. It’s not all that confusin’.

 I know He loves me, He sent me an angel named Susan.

By Michelle Cox
Copyright March 2013 ©