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Jul. 11, 2022

Just recently, I opened a Netflix account (the 5th), I also opened one for my brother (the 10th). When I went to pay my credit card bill associated with these accounts, I noticed they had charged me for three accounts: the 5th, the 10th, and the 12thobviously, it was a mistake so I called Netflix.

Netflix saw the error and agreed to cancel the third account.

Me: I’d like a refund for it.

Netflix: I’m sorry, but since the services have already been rendered (and enjoyed by a 3rd party at my expense), we cannot refund you.

The following month, I went to pay my credit card and I saw they had charged me again for that third account! I called back.

Netflix: What are the emails associated with your Netflix account(s)? I gave the two emails and they asked for the third email.

Me: I don’t know it. That’s what I’m trying to tell you… I am only paying for two and if there is a third one, it’s a fraudulent account – I want it canceled!

Netflix: Well it’s going to the same address of your brother’s account… its being used at his house.

I text my brother while on the phone with them… no it is not.

Netflix: Unless you can confirm the third email, we cannot cancel the account.

Me: How am I supposed to do that if someone hacked me and stole the account?

Netflix: I see what you’re saying. Okay. I’ll cancel it for you. I understand.

The third month, I check and lo and behold! I’m charged again for the third account. I call Netflix back.

Netflix: What is the email associated with the account you want to cancel?

Me: I do not know it! Someone is hijacking the account and charging my credit card with it.

Netflix: You have to be able to give me the email address because you’ve been paying it all along.

Me: I’ve been calling every month telling you to cancel it! I am not paying it willingly – what is the email address and I’ll tell you if it’s one of mine as I do have several.

She gives me the email and it’s to an iCloud account. I have never, ever used an iCloud account. Hell, I didn’t even know it existed! I text my brother because it’s actually his email address with a different domain attached to it (iCloud).

He does not use that domain and yes, I do believe him because my brother is not a liar or a thief. He’s very honest almost to a fault. After 50 plus years of knowing him, I can say that with pure confidence.

I inform her that I’m texting with him and relaying the conversation. She agrees to reimburse me for this month and cancel the account all together.

On a hunch, I checked two weeks later. Lord love an insane woman (me)! Not only did she refund me, but she charged me again for the same account on the same day she refunded me! I’m still paying for all three accounts again!

Netflix: I’m sorry, but this account is password protected. Unless you can provide me the password, we cannot make any changes to this account.

Seriously? Apparently, this is why I was charged the same day after being reimbursed for it. Whomever stole the account called them and applied a password so that unless I could give it to them, there would be no changes. Of course I don’t have it!

I told them to cancel all three accounts and not to hand me a bunch of BS about no changes being made without a password. It’s MY credit card and I WILL BE THE ONE to say what I will pay with it.

I called the credit card company to inform them of the events and had I been smart and not so angry, I would have done that to begin with. I explained the situation and they put a block on Netflix. Let’s see if I still get charged now.

Update: Netflix was not able to charge me again. Also, after posting this story to Social Media, I was shocked that so many others responded to the post saying “the same thing happened to them!”

Netflix is no longer a reputable business in my book.

Jul. 2, 2022

AOL (charges)

It used to be we had to pay .99 cents a minute for AOL services. Thankfully, within months, they updated their cost to $9.99/month for unlimited services. That was a total game changer.

Several years later, AOL became free and we no longer had to pay a monthly service fee. When word got around, I called and asked AOL and they confirmed that it was true. Gosh I loved AOL.

I told them I wanted to go to the free services then. However, the following month, I noticed, they still charged me. When I called back, they kept saying they’d cancel my monthly subscription, but never did. I didn’t love AOL anymore after that.

I called my credit card company and reported my card lost or stolen so they’d give me a whole new card with a whole new number. AOL still charged me because they had it in their terms that they could use a new updated credit card number associated with the same card. Many companies do this so the consumer doesn’t have to “update” their card numbers and can continue a valued service.

I called my credit card company and told them to cancel the AOL’s monthly fee and this is basically the conversation that followed (incredible!):

CC: We can’t cancel the payments because you’re still using the services.

Me: They’re free now.

CC: I’m sorry. Unless you can provide us a letter stating that you are no longer using their service we’ll continue to accept their charges.

Me: That’s absurd!

CC: You’ve been paying for almost 15 years and now suddenly you want us to block them when you’re still using the service?

Me: Let me know which word(s) do you not understand: FREE!!!! THEY-ARE-FREE!! THERE-IS-NO-COST-ANYMORE!!!!

CC: Then why are they still charging you?

Me: Because assholes like YOU continue to pay them. You have NO RIGHT to tell ME what I have to pay for and what I don’t. Your job is to accept your customer’s terms, not tell me what I have to do! It’s my damn money, NOT YOURS!!!!! Let me speak to your supervisor.

CC: I will put in a request for them to call you back.


I called right back and spoke to someone else. I told them the person before told me that I still had to pay for free services and refused to cancel me. They laughed and canceled me, gave me a confirmation number, and assured me they were reporting the other person as this was not their practice. The conversation had been recorded and the powers that be will most likely listen to it.

Gee, I sure hope they don’t get offended by me calling their employee an asshole.

Note: I had actually written this years ago and stumbled upon it just recently so I spruced it up and shared it.

Jun. 14, 2022


I try to support our local businesses, but I've decided not to go back to this particular restaurant. When the “shutdown,” happened almost three years ago, they closed up. They opened slowly when it was time to reopen the country. When I say “slowly,” I do mean slowly. Finally, they opened up the dining room.

My husband and I were one of the first few customers that came in for inside dining. The food was good (as usual), the service was good, and the time it took for the food to be brought out was also good. No complaints here.

It was so good that we went back the following week. There was a note on the door, “No inside dining – sorry!”

I figured, since they’d just opened again, they were having staffing issues. We went inside and the owner said, “Sorry, carry-out only tonight.”

Staffing issues?” I asked simply.

No were being Covid cautious.”

I almost turned around and left then, but we were hungry, it was getting late, and my sugar was dropping, so we ordered the food to go. There were a few things I noted that was not cautionary precautions.

First, she was the only one who was wearing a mask. The other three employees, and the cook’s little boy was not wearing one or even had one around their necks as it seems to be the most common place for a mask these days.

Anyone wearing one around the neck seems to be saying, “See, I have a mask! It’s just around my neck and not on my face to give you a false sense of my comradery and participation.”

And then too, as she’s fixing my take out box, I notice she’s brushing her hands on her shirt as she handles the containers of dressing. Yup, that’s real cautious.

I also noticed one of the kitchen workers walking past wiping his hands on the back of his pants. I was hoping he was the dishwasher. I turned to look at my husband who didn’t miss it either.

She is so paranoid that she shut down the business again just as everyone else is opening up. She is so paranoid, that she minimizes how many are in her establishment. She’s terrified of getting Covid, so much so, it affects her contact with people, but she’s not practicing sanitation and cleanliness while preparing food. Thankfully, it was just salads. These are the people that need to be told, “If you’re that afraid, STAY HOME!”

When we were leaving, I told my husband, “I won’t be coming back. If they want to play the Covid game, I will respect that. I wouldn’t want to bring anything in with us if we came back, so it’s best we just don’t eat here anymore.”

And that’s how I play the Covid game.

Apr. 11, 2022

A popular debate posted to Facebook lately is "cart returns." While I agree for the most part, you should return your carts to the corral or inside the store, some people are not looking at all sides of this debate, just their own.

I will sometimes leave it near a handicap parking place because there are many people who find it beneficial and helpful to have a cart nearby, yours truly included. It gives added support so that we can make it into the store. On a good day, when my balance is top notch, I walk in, but there are a lot of times I’m staggering around like a drunk on a 4-day binge and welcome the cart gratefully.

I have also found lack of consideration with hostesses in restaurants. They seat the elderly and disabled in the back of the restaurant, farthest from the door, and bathrooms. The hostess knows their patron is disabled because she walks slower than normal, stopping at different tables to talk to other people, sharing prom pictures, photos of their first born, all while waiting for the customer to “catch up.”

I watched a hostess one day, take an elderly couple to the very back of the restaurant when there was several tables closer and available. I asked her, “Why do you do that when you can plainly see they are disabled? You see them walking with a walker!”

She explained it’s because of the server rotation. I call bull. You can see there is a mobility problem, you should be considerate enough to put a person closer to the front (space available), or at least closer to a bathroom. It’s harder than you realize to get to where you’re taking us.

Yes, it is more respectful to return your store cart, but let’s not forget the ones who might need it going inside. The same with restaurants: it’s good to keep rotation, but if they’re elderly, be more thoughtful and seat them closer to the door.

The picture is random and not my own

Jan. 15, 2022

I was coming through Andrews one morning and stopped in at the new Burger King (it’s been there for about a year, so I guess it’s not so new). I pulled through the drive-thru, placed my order and went to the window.

My husband and I donate to Wounded Warrior and other veteran organizations when we can, but today I turned down the offer to donate through Burger King.

The young man at the window asked if I would, I declined, and he laughed and said, “I don’t blame you. Why should I give my money to them anyway… what have they ever done for me?”

I turned to him and said, “They fight for your freedoms, they fight for your right to say and do things.”

He said, “No, they don’t fight for me! They fight for this country – the one that is trying to kill us with Covid.”

I shook my head and left. I was astounded that anyone thought this way about our soldiers. Admittedly, at first, I was angry then as I thought about it, I decided that he has a right to feel that way, he has a right to speak his opinion. I could get mad, but my being offended wasn’t going to change his mind and shouldn’t.

Whether he’s right, whether he’s wrong, or whether we agree with him or not, it is still his opinion and he is still free to voice it. No one said we had to agree, but this is exactly what our soldiers are fighting for… and that is my belief.