Mar. 22, 2017

Domino's Pizza

I received an email one day that poked fun at our society‘s terminology. To be politically correct it suggested we substitute the word “white” with the word “Caucasian.” I thought it was hilarious.

I called Domino's Pizza to order a pizza one day. The young girl named Sherry, with whom I was speaking, asked if I wanted it with the standard marinara sauce. I answered, “No, I’d like the Caucasian sauce please.”

Sherry turned her mouth from the phone and called out to her manager, Arthur, “Do we have Caucasian sauce?”

Arthur has always been a very sweet person. He's a great asset to Dominos when it comes to public relations. “No,” I heard him answer, “We only have marinara, white sauce with garlic and parmesan or no sauce at all.”

She came back to the phone, “Ma’am, we don’t have any Caucasian sauce.”

“What about Italian-Caucasian sauce?” I asked as I openly laughed. Then I added, “The white sauce, please.”

Sherry kind of laughed too so I thought she got the joke. After she repeated my order back to me, I asked her, “Did Arthur get it - the Caucasian joke?”

“I don’t think so,” she answered, “I didn’t even get it.”

Later when I showed up at Domino's Pizza to pick up my order, the girl behind the counter announced my pizza, “with Caucasian sauce.”

“Oh! You got the joke then?” I exclaimed laughing.

“Actually no, the girl in back had to explain it to me.”