Mar. 22, 2017

Mexican Fast Food

For months, my husband and I have said we were going to go to a particular Mexican fast food place and try their new breakfast items. It took us only three months to get there but we made it. We went inside to order because we rarely, if ever, eat there and wasn’t familiar with the menu. Thankfully, there were no other customers inside so we didn’t have to rush and Yolanda, our cashier, was okay with the two of us taking our time.

Let me say that at first, I was frustrated with the experience, but after thinking about it, I decided it had all the makings to be funny so I wrote about it while it was still fresh in my memory. This is the conversation that followed:

Me: While looking at the menu, I asked, “What is a Crunch Wrap?” Yolanda explained what it was and I ordered the California style. My husband ordered the Steak & Egg Crunch Wrap. Then I saw a sign that said “Sweet Treats,” and asked what that was, then said, “Oh, I see you have Cinna-bons and empanadas.”

Yo: “Yes”

Me: “Well, what is inside the empanada?”

Yo: “Cream.”

Me: “Oh, that does sound good. We’ll take one of those.”

Yo (to my husband): “Would you like a large or small wrap?” He asked what the difference was. It seemed the question caught her off guard because after she stammered a bit, she told him it was the size and he opted for the large.

When she asked if my husband wanted an empanada, he explained to her that we would share the one I ordered. He knew I would only take a bite and then wouldn’t eat anymore. So, that was our order: 1 California crunch wrap, 1 large steak & egg crunch wrap, and 1 empanada.

Yolanda reads back the order and it is correct. She reaches under the counter, pulls out two cups and hands them to my husband before walking away. My husband hands me a cup as I ask, “What are these for? We didn’t order any combos.”

“Maybe because I ordered the large steak & egg; I have no idea.”

As we’re filling our drinks, I looked at the bill to see if she charged us for the drinks when I saw she had charged us for Cinna-bons so I walked back to the counter and asked to speak to Yolanda.

One of the cooks passes a tray to me and says she’ll get Yolanda. On the tray sits a large taco salad, an empanada and an order of Cinna-bons. I look at the receipt again and see she’s charged us for a large taco salad, Cinna-Bons, empanada, and one of the crunch wraps which was not on the tray. Yolanda comes back to the counter and asks me what is wrong.

Me: “You charged us for Cinna-Bons, I did not order that. I ordered the empanada. You also gave us cups and we didn’t order drinks, either.”

Yo (looking at the receipt): “The empanada is right there.”

Me: “Yes, but so are the Cinna-Bons that I did not order.”

Yo: “I’ll take it off for you.”

Me: “I didn’t order the taco salad, either, or any drinks.”

Yo: “What did you order then”

Me: “Seriously? You don’t remember the conversation we just had a few minutes ago where you told me what was in the California crunch wrap?”

Yo: (She looks at the receipt again): “You got the California crunch right here.”

Me: “But I did not order the taco salad! And if that is supposed to be his, he didn’t order it, either!”

Yo: “Well, what did he order?”

Me: “So you don’t remember the conversation you had with him about the size of the steak & egg crunch wrap, either?”

I felt my husband circling behind me getting ready to slap his hand over my mouth and drag me out of the place. Yolanda sighed heavily and started punching the keyboard.

Yo: “What did you order again?”

Me: “California crunch wrap, steak & egg crunch wrap, and an empanada.”

Yo (punches the keys and then stares at the receipt again): “Did you want the breakfast wrap or the lunch wraps?”

Me: “Lady, it’s 9:30 in the morning, I want breakfast, not lunch.”

Yo: “Okay, what did you say you ordered?”

Me: “Are you for real? I just told you 3-5 seconds ago!”

Husband: “California crunch, large steak crunch, and an empanada.”

Yo: “You don’t want the eggs on it?”

Husband: “Yes, I do – I want the steak & egg crunch wrap.”

Yo (To me): “Can you please repeat back your full order for me?”

Me (I’ve lost it at this point and although I’m not yelling, my volume has gone up a notch or two): “What! You’ve got to be joking. You want $15 an hour for what? You can’t even complete a simple three item order. You do not deserve a pay increase!” Yolanda looks at me very surprised as I continue. “You know what: just give me back my money. I will go next door to Bojangles and order a biscuit. I’m sure they’ll get that right and I bet I will only have to tell them once.”

Without saying another word, Yolanda refunds me. A cook comes from the kitchen and hands me a bag with a California crunch wrap and Cinna-bons in it. I told her I didn’t want it as I already had my refund but she insisted we take it to compensate for our troubles. I hand it to my husband, thanked her and walk out.

Once in the car, my husband tells me to at least try it. It is what we came there for in the first place. I opened the package and took a bite. The tortilla shell was warm but the filling was ice cold.

“This was premade, refrigerated overnight and then thrown into a microwave,” I said to my husband. “That is not their policy as a fast food chain.”

Taking it from me to take a bite for himself, he asked, “How do you know it was premade?”

“The filling is ice cold,” I say and he concurs.

We wrapped it up and brought it home to the dogs. They didn’t care what it was, they were just happy to have it. By the time we had gotten home, the tortilla shell had cooled off and hardened. I had to cut it up for them with a knife thereby cementing my earlier conviction that it had been premade, refrigerated, and then warmed up in a microwave.

I did notify the main office and they sent me a coupon for two free items from their menu. This time, we decided to go to the Georgetown store. However, we noticed the coupon for the two free items had a list of things we could not order. I just handed it to my son – he can use it. As far as the Georgetown store goes, well, that is another story.