Mar. 22, 2017

Greek/Italian Restauranting

I will not ever eat in this certain Greek restaurant again. We had stopped in one night for dinner. I wanted a Gyro (pronounced your-oh) and they have some pretty good ones, so we went in. Sometime later, I had gone to the ladies’ room. I went in right behind the waitress and going by the aromatic scents she left behind, I could tell she wasn’t in there powdering her nose.

I used the facilities and then went to the sink to wash my hands. The sink was bone dry. There wasn’t any water in the sink or on the sink. I even tilted my head to look from a different angle and still, I did not see any water droplets that would have fallen from wet hands, as she would have reached for the paper towels.

When I went back to the dining room, I saw the owner sitting in a booth text messaging so I asked him, “Do you tell your employees to wash their hands after going to the bathroom?”

He looked up and said, “Absolutely!”

I pointed to the waitress and said, “She didn’t. I just went in behind her and I could smell she had a bowel movement and going by the evidence of the sink, it was still dry indicating that she did not wash her hands.”

He only nodded his head, got up and then moved to a booth closer to the window so he continued text messaging. I couldn’t believe it. The lack of concern was amazing.

I told my husband what happened and stated to him, “It’s one thing that the waitress took a dump, didn’t wash her hands and then came out to handle food, but it’s another when I inform the owner and he is more worried about texting than his restaurant having an outbreak of E-Coli because of unsanitary conditions.”

That was just nasty. I could not finish eating. The thought of taking another bite made me sick to my stomach. As I said, we will not E-V-E-R go back there to eat again.