Sep. 26, 2017

Handicapped Doesn’t Mean You!

Working with the elderly has given me the realization of a major pet peeve; especially since the older I get, the harder it is for me to get around. I hate when I see young people park in a handicapped space and then jump out and trot to the door. It was obvious they are not in need. I watched as a woman pulled into a parking place with her car loaded down with children. She parked and then they all traipsed out and into the store. Law enforcement (who patrols the area) does nothing to prevent it. I could scream.

Only days after surgery, I had gone to Walmart for some groceries. I sat in one of the motorized carts waiting on my husband to finish parking the car and come inside. As I sat waiting, two young women, probably in their twenties, came in. One was, without question, pregnant.

The other girl (with the pregnant one) shook her finger at me and said, “Oh no! You’re going to have to get up and let me have that. I have been on my feet all day and I am tired!”

I looked at her like she was nuts. I leaned back and folded my arms across my chest and replied, “Really?”

She wasn’t asking on behalf of her pregnant friend; she was selfishly asking for herself (but then, she wasn’t really asking at all, she was demanding).

I think she realized that I wasn’t just sitting there, I was actually going to use it because she said, “Excuse me. I’m sorry. I’ll find another one.”

I said something to the manager of the store and pointed them out. The carts are for disabled, handicapped and elderly – not for lazy ass people who just want to ride around in them. The manager thanked me and went on. He didn’t do anything about it.

The same with the handicapped bathrooms; some who do not need them, use them. I have a very hard time using the other stalls as they sit too low. If I am having that problem, I can only imagine someone in worse shape than me.

Young women with small children are understandable, but I’m talking about children old enough to use the bathroom on their own, or my biggest peeve, the store employees. I have had them run past me to get there before I do and then I have to stand around doing the pee-pee dance until they come out.

I had gone in to the ladies’ room one afternoon when a little girl, about ten, walked right past the line and headed straight for the handicapped stall. The other girls in line called her name and she looked back as if she just realized we were all standing there.

She stood in the middle of the bathroom waiting for someone to come out of the handicapped stall and said, “I have to pee!”

I shook my head in disbelief and said, “Honey, we all do. That’s why we’re here and you’re not using that stall, either. I am!” About that time, two more opened up. I pointed to them and said, “There, you can use one of those.”

A woman who exited the, now vacant, stall shot me a dirty look. Apparently, she was with the gaggle of girls. She motioned for the little one to take her stall.

As I walked past, I said, “I’m not apologizing! That bathroom is not for ten year old little girls and it’s quite rude and inconsiderate to even entertain the idea they should use it.”

In a time when everyone wants to be politically correct, I wish they would be a little more consciously correct and be more considerate and respectful of those around them. Using the handicapped facilities and amenities is just plain out bad form.

I often think to myself that these same people who abuse the facilities are one day going to become disabled and elderly and they’ll need them. Hopefully they will think back to all those times they took advantage of them and realize it is karma coming back to bite them. They should be glad they can get up and get around now. Those are the things they need to be taking advantage of before they no longer can do it anymore.