Aug. 10, 2018

$299 Scam

I received a call from one of those telemarketer scammers. I was in a good mood so, I decided to let him go through his scammer spiel.

“Ms. Cox,” he begins as he tries to pronounce my name through his Middle Eastern accent, “do you remember about six months ago you paid $299 for a warranty for your computer?”

“No, I do not remember that,” I stated honestly. “I don’t recall paying $299 for anything, much less a warranty for my computer.”

“Well, you did,” he insists.

I start laughing. “No, I did not.”

“Yes, yes, you did,” he repeats.

“What’s your name?” I ask. “Tell me your name.”

“My name is Henry,” he answers.

“Where are you from?”


“Georgia State or Georgia County?” I ask in attempts to throw him off. It worked because he answered county. “Oh, downstate Georgia?”

“Yes, downstate. Do you remember having a warranty on your computer?” he said trying to redirect me back to the scam.

“No, I do not have a warranty,” I said again laughing and then hung up.

Two weeks later, Henry calls me back, and again, insists I have paid $299 for a warranty for my computer.

“Is this Henry again?” I ask a little amused.

“Yes, it is Henry.”

I shake my head into the phone and explain patiently, “Henry, I did not pay you $299 for any kind of warranty, much less one for my computer.”

“Yes, you did.”

“What card did I use then?”

He wasted no time answering, “Visa. If you give me your numbers on your card I can verify it with the one I have on file.”

I openly laughed at him. “I don’t think so, Henry. Please don’t call back.”

He did call back a week or so later. I just laughed and hung up on him. Again, a week or so afterwards, another phone call. I hung up that time, too. On Henry’s fifth try, I was exasperated.

I finally asked, “Henry, do you know why I laugh at you and hang up all the time?”


“Because I don’t have a computer in my house. I’m old and I don’t use them. My kids have a laptop, not a computer, but they do not live with me. That’s how I know I did not give you $299 at any time for anything, ever.”

I think we broke up. Henry hasn’t called me back since.