Jan. 23, 2019

The Nail Salon

I frequently visit a specific nail salon, Asian Nails. When they are busy, I usually leave and come back later. This action usually generates a conversation between us (customer and salon) as to why I leave and come back.

I explain that I’m busy and when I am out and about, I’m running errands and I am depending on someone else to carry me around (son or hubby). When I do not have the time to wait, I will just come back when it’s more convenient for the both of us. They accept my answer. More importantly, they KNOW I am not a customer who has a lot of time. Such was the following case…

I had a little bit of time, so I did not mind the 10-minute wait to get a chair. The young lady got halfway done with me, then abruptly got up and moved over to the chair to my right and started working on another customer.

A couple of minutes later, I asked, “Are you through?”

To which the customer, not the staff, the customer to my left, answers, “They’re trying to do two people at a time. Someone will be with you shortly.”

Five minutes after this, one of the other young girls finishes her work and pushes in her chair. I say to my son who is behind me, “No one else is waiting so she’ll be coming to me next.”

Instead, the girl walks in the back. I thought that maybe she needed a breather, bathroom break, something along those lines. Nope. I smell food cooking. She’s making lunch. Okay...she needed a break.

Five minutes later, the little guy finishes so I tell my son, who is checking his watch at this point, as he has to get ready for work, “Just a minute longer.”

The little guy pushes his chair in and moves over to the computer and starts working. So...the customer can wait, but whatever work that needed to be on the computer cannot wait.

“We can leave if we need to,” I suggested.

He answered, “No, we’re okay for a few more minutes, but don’t forget, we still have to go to the post office, Walgreens, and the Meat Locker to get something for dinner.”

Five minutes later (which totals to almost 20 minutes when you add the first few minutes I waited before questioning anything), the man next to me finishes the helpful customer to my left.

He gets up, get a bottle of water, and stands there staring out the window drinking it. Then he walks over, pushes his chair in, and walks to the back where he’s talking to the girl who is eating her lunch.

I got up and walked out. The lady up front asked, “What happened?” and I did not stop to tell her.

I feel they were rude. First, you don’t start with one customer and then leave them to go do another. I explained to my son, that’s like someone ringing you up at the store and then stopping in the middle to go to another register and ring someone else up. You need to finish what you start!

Second, if that’s not rude enough, it was even more so with three staff ignoring the one customer who had been sitting there waiting to be finished. They left me waiting a few minutes to...5...10...15 more minutes and then sauntered off to the back.

My son says, “But Mom, they’re trying to make money so they work on two people at a time.”

To which I replied, “They were not working on me at all, much less two at a time, but for the sake of argument; how much money did they make with me getting up and walking out?”

In the past, I have told them, “No, you need to finish me first before you move on to someone else. I did not come in here to be shoved aside. My money and time is just as good as anyone else’s and if you want it, you’ll need to finish what you started.”