Apr. 5, 2019

On the Radio

I don’t usually do political posts on my blog, but this took the cake for me. I was listening to the radio while running errands around town one morning. Hurricane Michael was causing a lot of uproar in Florida and the east coast, at the time. Of course, with the hurricane having to cross two states to reach the Carolina’s two days later, we knew it would have dissipated quite a bit before reaching us. Nonetheless, those in Florida were in great peril.

The deejay’s on the radio truly amazed me the morning before the hurricane landed. I could not believe the conversation and comments they were making. Here is the basic conversation between these two jerks.

deejay1: So what do you think about this Hurricane (Michael)?

deejay2: Well, they say it’s going to be a category 5 by the time it makes landfall.

deejay1: Yeah, that’s what the weatherman is saying and did you hear about the meeting Trump had with FEMA this morning? He was telling FEMA this hurricane was huge; it’s really big.

deejay2: I heard that...yeah, yeah, but Trump needs to stick to (trying) to run the country and not predicting the weather. Everyone else is saying the hurricane is not that big.

deejay1: I agree. The weatherman is saying the winds are almost 155 MPH, but it’s only covering a small amount of ground, so yeah, it’s not going to be a big hurricane.

REALLY? A CAT-5 AT 155 MPH WINDS? Do these people hate Trump that much that they would downplay a dangerous hurricane?

I started to change the channel in disgust when they began talking about Trump rallies and YES, they said it!!

deejay1: You know you have to go online to find a location for the next Trump rally?

deejay2: Yup, no one wants to attend them so, they’re sparse

(Really? The last one had over 100,000 attendees-they’re usually pack, so packed, they have to turn away people).

deejay1: Have you ever been to one? They’re usually pretty benign …

deejay2: ...Yeah, there’s no violence or anything.

deejay1: Exactly! What are these Republicans thinking with no violence? How are they going to get their point across? All they do is carry around those stupid signs.

deejay2: It’s crazy. It’s a crazy world out there…

I switched the channel. I could not believe what I was hearing! They were promoting violence! I was most dismayed because this was a local radio station. The liberal media does not want to admit how well Trump is doing.

The Dow Jones is up higher now than in decades. The unemployment rate is so low with people getting jobs and taking care of themselves. People are gaining self respect and self esteem by the droves, but the Democrats would have you believe this is disastrous! If this is a disaster, then please let me live in a disaster zone!