Jun. 25, 2020


We were in Mount Pleasant one afternoon and decided to stop at Arby’s. It’s a rare opportunity to have one of their Roast Beef and Cheddars so we were going to take advantage of the opportunity. Who would have thought we were going to get dinner and a show.

The place was hopping. It was busier than Grand Central Station. The cashier was handling the pressure like a pro, until she, and everyone else in the place, realized the people in the back were standing around chitchatting, laughing, and having a good ole time. No one was working back there, much less up front helping her.

She turned and called for help, but was ignored. The cashier politely excused herself from the growing line of customers and went into the back and chewed some butts out for not helping and, instead, standing around doing nothing while a rush was going on. Several of us up front snickered.

The manager stormed up front and confronted her. “I’m the manger here, not you! You don’t give orders around here!”

The cashier turned to her and said, “I need help up here so if you’re the manager, get busy helping!”

It was quite humorous as they went at it for a couple of seconds until someone else from the back came up front and pulled the manager away. The cashier continued working while battling her supervisor for customer assistance the whole time. She pulled it off, as I said, like a pro. The manager should have been terminated and the cashier promoted to her position. At least, that’s my opinion of the situation.