Jul. 15, 2021

Service With A Smile

My brother, his daughter, a friend of mine, with my husband and I stopped in at a diner for dinner one evening. What followed was a humorously memorable event.

When we came in, we saw we were the only customers in the place. That was kind of odd as it was only 7:00. We were seated and given our menus. The server, Avery, came over and the fun began.

Avery asks, “Do you want anything to drink?”

Her tone, while polite, had an edge of irritation to it. We all just looked at one another and quietly ordered tea and root-beer. As Avery walks off, my niece Bobbie says, “I don’t think Avery is very happy.”

Avery returns with our drinks, sets them down, then pulls out her server pad and asked, “Are you ready to order yet?”

I snickered a little because Avery could have been Flo from the TV show, Alice, saying, “Yeah, whatdaya want?” It was the same tone. “Kiss my grits,” wouldn’t have been a shocker either.

We order and send Avery off. Bobbie says, “I think Avery had a bad day… a real bad day.”

We talk among ourselves and we’re laughing and joking when she brings the food out. She is literally slinging the plates down in front of us. Normally, I would have chewed her out, but we’ve already established she’s not in the best of moods. Plus, she’s young too so it makes it even funnier for me. I can forgive Avery for this food-service-transgression.

Avery comes out again and asks if we need anything else. At this point, we have all decided we’re not asking her for anything more. Very sweetly she says, I brought this carafe of root-beer out for you in case you need refills. As we’re all thanking her, she slams it on the table. I’m laughing so hard that I’m about to pee my pants.

You just have picture it… she’s so sweet and then BAM!

When Avery comes back to see if we need boxes, I ask her, “So, did you have a bad day today?”

No, not at all,” she says so sweetly then an immediate changes and demands to know why. I tell her why and she still denies she didn’t have a bad day.

As we are leaving, I tell my husband I’m going to leave her a $10 tip and hope that helps to give her a better night. While I’m telling him this, I hear the boss in the back ask her to vacuum the dining room before closing.

It was then that I realized they closed at 8 and we came in at 7:00. Avery was probably irked because she had customers just before closing and was hoping to get away early. We ruined it for her.

I turned to apologize to her for us holding her up when I see her vacuuming the dining room… she’s dragging the vacuum cleaner behind her as she goes around the room. I could not stop laughing at this child. She was a one-woman comedy show.

I call her over and tell her, “I was going to leave you $10 for a tip, but you are hilarious and have kept us in stitches!” I handed her $15 and left. She was happy; at least she was smiling when I walked out the door.