Apr. 11, 2022

It's Hard Getting Old(er)

A popular debate posted to Facebook lately is "cart returns." While I agree for the most part, you should return your carts to the corral or inside the store, some people are not looking at all sides of this debate, just their own.

I will sometimes leave it near a handicap parking place because there are many people who find it beneficial and helpful to have a cart nearby, yours truly included. It gives added support so that we can make it into the store. On a good day, when my balance is top notch, I walk in, but there are a lot of times I’m staggering around like a drunk on a 4-day binge and welcome the cart gratefully.

I have also found lack of consideration with hostesses in restaurants. They seat the elderly and disabled in the back of the restaurant, farthest from the door, and bathrooms. The hostess knows their patron is disabled because she walks slower than normal, stopping at different tables to talk to other people, sharing prom pictures, photos of their first born, all while waiting for the customer to “catch up.”

I watched a hostess one day, take an elderly couple to the very back of the restaurant when there was several tables closer and available. I asked her, “Why do you do that when you can plainly see they are disabled? You see them walking with a walker!”

She explained it’s because of the server rotation. I call bull. You can see there is a mobility problem, you should be considerate enough to put a person closer to the front (space available), or at least closer to a bathroom. It’s harder than you realize to get to where you’re taking us.

Yes, it is more respectful to return your store cart, but let’s not forget the ones who might need it going inside. The same with restaurants: it’s good to keep rotation, but if they’re elderly, be more thoughtful and seat them closer to the door.

The picture is random and not my own